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New Lancia Delta


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Oct 13, 2004
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About a month ago i read in a magazine that lancia might be considering producing a new Lancia Delta, supposedly based on the Fiat Stilo (which makes sense since it's the same type of car).

Does anybody know anything about it?

Best regard to all!
man... the new one looks like crap... and they don't even know if it will be AWD or FWD

The first Lancia Delta looked like crap to, only when the rally version appeared it
gained that mean look. So this isn't too bad, a HF Integrale version would probably
look pretty cool, get me some proper pictures of the new one and I'll make a chop! :D

The first original Delta:

That's right and even if it's based on a Fiat Stilo (the new one) which might not look too promising, just remember for instance that the great Fiat Coupe was based on the Fiat Tipo platform and if you didn't know that you never would have guessed.