James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

So is James personally going to make 5-6 thousand flowers?
Nope, he's asking other people to do it for him. :D

I think the idea behind the series is to get people to play with the old toys again. He was filming at Liverpool Station about a week ago and asked commuters there to help him. And next week he'll be at the Home & Garden Theatre at the Ideal Home Show, where you can help him out.

The Ideal Home Show...:cry: How not to spend a perfect day.

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That's a good idea. Too bad I can't help. I actually make pretty nice looking flowers.

Is that his real kitchen?
Is that his real kitchen?

I'm afraid I happen to know that it is. At least, it's the same room that was filmed in both Top Toy programmes and in Big Ideas.
A bit more information about what James's Plasticine garden is going to look like. :)

Wow..This show looks really interesting now

Not many people(even Topgear fans) know that all the Topgear presenters are really good showmen and come up with some excellent programming on their own....

To James may...I salute you sir!
I'm not sure what I'm getting more exited about....this show or the new season of top gear....
In case you're from the Liverpool area: get your cameras out!

Apparently, the Meccano bridge will be built at the Albert Dock in Liverpool over the next few weeks. :)

Link to Google Maps
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Interview with James in the Daily Telegraph about his Plasticine garden. :)


The Times mentions some people are not amused by his idea. Well as long as Lizzie is, all is fine.

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Bloody hell. James is working hard these days. In between his plasticine gardening and racing British Mail on Top Gear, he has also been building an airfix Spitfire this weekend. Life size that is.

More info can be found here


The podcast is about Spitfires in general, not about James's latest project, I'm afraid.
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One more then: funny article in Broadcast Now in which the producer of Toy Stories tells all about how they created the garden.

But just as James was encouraging the masses to rise up and overthrow the establishment, who had clearly ignored the will of the people, the RHS intervened and presented James with a gold medal. Made out of Plasticine. The revolution will have to wait.

Im one of the engineers at Liverpool uni currently building this bridge...
It will be HUGGGE and ever so slightly ambitious :cool:


We have got our very own mole!! :mrgreen:

So it's def Liverpool then. Albert Docks area?
Im one of the engineers at Liverpool uni currently building this bridge...
It will be HUGGGE and ever so slightly ambitious :cool:

A long as it is not "rubbish".

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