James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

is there a torrent up for it yet?

There are two torrents up on the Box: the standard one and one in HD. You have to be a member though. I have a few invites left, so let me know if anyone needs one.
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Well, I could register there without an invite so give it a try, register and off you go. :)
I just finished watching it. I was actually chocked up when the Flying Scotsman with realistic chuffing sound came into view.

When James punched Oz in the arm, I busted into tears like I do when I see Shamu. It was just so beautiful to see.

Well done James.
Euhrmm.....I feel like an idiot but I do not have a box account, infact I had never heard of the box before, any other way of getting this?
Got it and just watched it.

Gosh.....what an amazing innocent little bit of television from Mr May again.
My eyes actualy got watery along with James when the Scotsman made it, you could just feel the love he had for that little thing, a man embracing his inner child, a beautifull thing that.

Good job, challenge compleeted, we won, the Germans lost ;) all is as it should be :p

small side note : the large redheaded German lady is the scariest human being I have ever seen.
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Pssst! *points to Video Offers section*
Arm punch - British way of showing affection hetrosexual-man-to-hetrosexual man but not liking to admit said affection.
Currently watching this on iplayer. Just got to the bit where Sim wheels out the track laying machine, the man is an utter genius!
Loved the fact he was against the GGG-ermans.
The sauerkraut. :lol:
Track-O-matic :cool:
They shoulda gone the same way.
Booing the GGG-ermans. :lol:
Thomas the tank engine. :lol:
Where was the petrol one James?
The GGG-ermans as usual, using too much power.
Oz is amazing. :lol:
If the Scottsman causes James to win, that would be amazing.
Aww sweeeet.

Oz Clarke played by Oz Clarke. :lol:
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I just watched it for a second time. I liked it even better. Still got a bit choked up when James's train was finally brought home by Oz. I just love Oz and James together.

I think it added to the story that it was actually an honest to goodness childhood toy of James's.
What a great sequel to the previous series. The accomplishment, the friendly rivalry and the sense of fun. For me, the German guys made the episode. They really got into the spirit of the thing ... thank god there were no Russian linesman though. :lol:
I absolutely loved it :) I adore James' programs and it was lovely to see Oz again as I am very fond of him.

It was a brilliant episode, and I thought the track-o-matic was genius. Sim is a very clever chap! I, as usual, loved James' enthusiasm throughout the program and I admit to tearing up when seeing the Flying Scotsman (with realistic chuffing sound) come home.
I would really like to see this ep. I am not real comfortable using that Box site. I hope that one day we will get a link here or to an FTP server.