James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

Good point, I'm sorry - it was the rematch.

The music begins when the German 'Donald Duck' reaches Instow and continues as the British Intercity 125 reaches Fremington.
Good point, I'm sorry - it was the rematch.

The music begins when the German 'Donald Duck' reaches Instow and continues as the British Intercity 125 reaches Fremington.

I'll dig it out when I get home from work, if no-one else has come up with anything by then. I might not know the answer of course, but I recognised some of the music on the programme, so you never know your luck!
OK - I'll admit I'm struggling with this one. Trouble is, it sounds like old TV incidental music, which is not easy to track down. Still trying
I think it's worth bumping this thread because tidbits of information about an upcoming special (for Christmas, perhaps) are popping up here and there.

Excuse me quoting myself, but there is definitely another Toy Stories special in the offing. JM has been filming in Barnstaple (apparently the Toy Stories capital of Great Britain), something to do with flight this time. Don't know much more than that.

There appears to definitely be a new Toy Stories in the offing - hurrah!!!

Plenty of info in this article


May was at the museum, near Shifnal, to film an episode of James May?s Toy Stories, for a Christmas special ? and invited local schoolchildren to attend to create and decorate their own paper planes.

Pupils from Thomas Telford School were among those who took part in the challenge.

They had been asked to take along paper planes their parents had made and designs they might have discovered in books.

A giant balsa wood aircraft will then be made and dropped from a balloon over the Kent coast at a future date.

May said what they were attempting to do ? fly the large glider ? had never been done before and may or may not work.

Read more: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2012/04/13/james-may-in-paper-plane-challenge-at-raf-cosford/
I don't remember if any Dutch or Afrikaans speaker here brought this up before (warning: naughty words in Dutch and Afrikaans):


:blink: Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Not sure about Afrikaans, but in Dutch "Poes" isn't (that) naughty. It means "pussy" and like in English can refer to both a female cat or a girls' private parts (but not in an obscene way). Wonder how it ended up on the Spitfire though.
When I was a kid, I used to love watching "Are You Being Served", but it was only years later when watching re-runs that I suddenly got all Mrs Slocombe's pussy jokes. :mrgreen:
It seems the upcoming (Christmas) special revolves around basic material airplanes. Paper ones have already been mentioned, there's also going to be a balsawood challenge:
And there?s a Christmas special of Toy Stories. Previous episodes have involved building a life-size Airfix Spitfire and a giant Lego house from 3.3m bricks. (Lego made sure they were returned so they didn?t depress the market for the bricks.) This year May will try to construct a giant version of the balsawood gliders children built decades ago.


The article contains some information about the upcoming series of Top Gear (none that haven't been mentioned in the Spoilers forum already), so beware.
Apologies for the shallow ditch bump, but I was rewatching the first two episodes of this series and realized I still have a unanswered "what's that song?" question. It concerns this piece of martial instrumental that was used in both the Airfix and Plasticine episodes. I've pulled out the sound clip in question from the Airfix episode. Can anyone identify this piece of music?
It's probably music that's "in the public domain"