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New Member!

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Hi! :welcome:
Sorry everybody else: E a? cara! Legal encontrar outro brasileiro aqui!

Now in english: Hi there! Nice to find anoter brasilian here!
:welcome: :cheers:
I cant find my "welcome" sign so look at this and pretend --> :oops:
Leppy said:
WElcome... and me thinks we need an actual thread to welcome noobs.

:think: Like this ;)

And :welcome: to the new one.
That's allright, you'r not the only one ;)
I had posted my intro all around the place. I had written about myself in about 10 different places :lol:
^Yes, you are a Pakistani and live in Spain, and have a pakistani and spanish drivers license and you collect stamps, I know all about you :p

Welcome dude, pics of the 1300 VW would be appreciated (assuming its a Bug!)
bresola said:
Aeeee, mais um brasileiro!!! (N?o achei q ia ter nenhum!)

Another Brazilian now! Didn't think there would be any!

Tu mora mais perto de mim! Sou de Canoas!
You live closer to me! I?m from Canoas!
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