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New mobile phone


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May 29, 2004
I saw this Nokia 6630


It?s not yet available here in Holland, but I want one wich I can use as an agenda, (with that pinthing), and for calling of course

Any of you who have experience with these models ("gameboy"tellys), or other brands?

Oh btw. I don?t want to spend more than 300 euros / 370 USD.
Or maybe you can hook me up with a good comparing site...haven';t been able to find a good one.
i think it doesnt look gd....
recent nokia phones look dumb...

btw, i'm using Sharp GX32 (=Sharp GX30 in europe)
the 262K color CG-silicon TFT screen is absolutely astonishing
and as a phone camera the camera works brilliantly
I already have such a phone with that hingething, I like the nokia because it's easy to use with a big screen, i don't care if it looks dumb, but that nokia is gonna cost a fortune when it comes out here
check out phonescoop.com
they've got plenty of info and forums for all models of phones...
I use Nokia 7250i with camera. It's ok, but the cam-function could be better....Try Nokias newer models, they're good.