James May: New Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure Season starts October 16

First series was hilarious- really looking forward to this.

"Come, fill the cup."

James getting smashed in the south of France was great, as well i really liked the kitchen scene were he was stealing the candies.

I just wish i could drink legally so that i could try and relate to the show.
I quite liked the last season, hopefully this one is just as good! :)
To whomever rips this for us: I promise that this time No Boss will swallow.
I should be able to get a rip, i have issues downloading it as the right format (.avi always comes out as .htm, and i don't know how to change that in Windows XP) but anyways, name a place and i'll post it for the rest of you Americans.

speaking of international television, i once was in a greek Coney island (owned by a in-law) that had the satellite feeds from one of the major greek channels, they had it so all the local Greek-Americans in Detriot could pay to watch the greek soccer games live, anyways the point is that the Greek music videos that played before the game were beyond weird! If you enjoy your heterosexuality and wish to retain it then I would avoid Greek music videos like the plague.
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I've just finished re-watching the whole of the first series DVD (marathon watch on Saturday night) and it was BRILLIANT - funnier than I remember.

Can't wait for this and have Sky+ ready to record so I can re-watch it later in the week (maybe during Top Gear downtime on Sunday).

Oh and you can hear James and Oz talking about Wine and the show with Scott Mills - audio link from this thread:
Does anyone know what the poem was that James quoted at the end? And he did it so well, too.
That was HILARIOUS!!!!!! :lol::clap::banana:
Did anyone notice the re-play of the "Sideways" movie scene, when they were in the "Hitching Post"? BRILLIANT!
DAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED IT!
@ M3_Powered,
I second that. At least I have BBC2 even though the quality sucks ass like it does for TG....I could have watched it though.


Please Ottobon did you cap it?

That was absolutely brilliant, the wines labels, well, were a bit inventive. Arthur and his knights had many round tables!

Has anyone been able to rip this? Thanks :clap: