James May: New Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure Season starts October 16

02x06 is up on my FTP.
Thx, but I don't see it... And the upload folder is empty...
It's in the James May folder. Maybe you need to refresh the browsing 'cache' of your FTP client. ;)
or Winamp.
Winamp is great.... for music. Playing video in Winamp is like creating a webpage in Microsoft Word. It just wasn't designed for that.

/I wish I could take credit for that line :D
what did you all think of that ep? i thought it was one of the poorer one's of the ep...there were some pretty funny parts but i thought there wasn't very much substance to it

and a million thanks to tweeke for putting it on his ftp!!!
^I'm kinda with you on that. The Asian professor lady was kind of a bitch wasn't she? I certainly did like that Shelby GT-H they had though :)

I just watched the fifth episode as well. That Ravens Wood wine they were drinking is very good stuff...its one of the wines I typically buy.
I've loved the gentle humour and interactions with the wine growers and between Oz and James. Then I am easy pleased when it comes to James - always watchable.
As much as I love this show, the last episode was a bit odd. Every other episode has had some kind of theme running throughout - in France, it was regions, and it's been types of grape in California.

This episode was just a mishmash of bits and pieces, and...didn't really work as well as any of the others.

Oh well, there is more to come, so I am happy!

[Also, there is 30 minutes of extra Oz and James on the Series 1 dvd that's worth a watch if it's online somewhere]
On again tonight ?

"Episode seven

Oz and James continue their tour of California and meet some of the most powerful and eccentric winemakers in the Golden State. They head for Sonoma, an established wine region now competing with the best that the more famous Napa Valley has to offer. First they meet Mike Benziger, a biodynamic winemaker who believes that working with the moon and stars can help him to make the perfect wine.

Next is Gina Gallo, the latest figurehead of the world's most successful and productive winemaking family. The total opposite to the Gallo dynasty is the eccentric Sean Thackrey. He gets his grapes from vineyards where nobody has a clue what the grape varieties are! Find out about matching food with Sonoma wines."
Nice man! Awesome!