James May: New Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure Season starts October 16

Holy Crap! if you pause it at 19.10 you see Top Gear Dog with a hair cut!!!

They flew her/him to California and left her/him there! OMG!

Very funny.
Seems like they've reached their limit again :( Have to be quick to register for private trackers!
Ok I managed to sign up to the "square shaped object".bz but unfortunately it requires a share ratio of 1.0 otherwise they send evil sheep after me. My connection is HIGHLY asymmetric thanks to a monopoly in New Zealand (7.6 Mbit download and 128K upload) so its super difficult to even get a share ratio of 0.2. If you want an account for this private tracker then send me a PM and I will give you my login details.
^I know just how you feel, and my connection isn't nearly that asymmetric. I've got 2mbit down, and 384 up.. It's a hell of a lot of work to maintain a proper ratio, often it's even impossible. Quite annoying really.
Look in the 'video offers' thread. You hopefully should find something there.
today's episode was great (first one i've seen actually)

James seems to be getting the hang of it, and actually said some clever things this time :D

funny how there was a care show on while they were there though :)

wine shooting? i'm in! just don't take the piss out of Pissoni's mum :lol:

oh yeah, and 'Put the carburettor into gear'
^Yeah, and i've registered.. But the torrent isn't on the tracker.. I have no idea what's gone wrong.. :/


Working now.
^Yeah, and i've registered.. But the torrent isn't on the tracker.. I have no idea what's gone wrong.. :/


Working now.

What is required of registration anyway? I've always shyd away from them...
Just go to the registration page and choose a username/password. (might need to put your email in too so they can send a confirmation email)

The only thing with a private tracker is you have to keep your upload ratio up, but that is no problem for me as I always leave mine up for a long time so everyone can get it anyway.
Or you could just download and don't give a damn about being banned.. :p

It's really slow though. I'm getting around 10kB/s...
I've been waiting for the ~266mb rips that have been posted for episodes 1 and 2...
i'm trying to d/l the file on mininova...but i can't figure out how to register for the stupid funfile website. it's asking me for a registration key on the login...where do you find those?
I am also going to wait for the 266 MB rips, I like to be consistent :) Btw no one has PMed me about the "square shaped".bz private tracker account I am giving away! If no one wants it I am going to download like mad and get banned from it :p
hey, thanks for the help. the problem was i kept accessing the registration page through a link...what you have to do to register for that website is go to the main website funfile.org and click on the register link there. if you go through a link someone sends you the passkey doesn't show up and it won't let you register...but i got it up and running and will be seeding it all night to whoever wants it