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new player :)


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Jan 2, 2005
Zuerich, Switzerland
Porsche 944 Turbo / Lexus IS200
hi all

i bought my s2 licence a week ago.. and actualy i only bought it because of the carskin, and laptime record features :) and because the demo was so much fun :D

so i still like the GT Turbo and Blackforest the most.. its just that i know it now kinda good.. and it still makes real fun to improve the laptimes.. right now my besttime is 1.26.06 so i still have 3 seconds to shave of somehow :)

now the biggest disapointment for me was, finding out that there are no s2 server runing blackwood with the turbo cars..
and because im driving with my mouse its kinda impossible do drive the V8 or other extrem powerfull cars in competition i think.

now pdanev asked me to join your weekly races.. and i like to :) but i have to learn the other tracks and cars first or i will be in everybodys way :)

id would be great if someone would give me some hints, witch cars and tracks are driven the most so i can focus on them and hopefully driving in your weekly sessions soon :)

1st of all, :welcome:

We have a little league/championship going on, so we race every week a different car & track combination. We gather for racing on saturdays, at around 7-8:00 PM eu time. We also have a server, run by one of our members, chickeneater. Normally that server is running 24/7, and we also race there on the weekend races.

Game: chickeneater
Pass: fg

That is the server info. The server is not listed and is hidden, so you have to type those in manually. (unfortunatelly at the moment there is a little trouble, and the server needs to be restarted, so for today's race MXM will host the game (finalgear/fg).

There is always an announcement thread for the weekend races, there you will find the info about what we are going to race, track/car/lap number etc, and the ongoing discussion of the racers during the week as they practice the track.

That's pretty much what you need to know I think. We aren't that many people, usually around 7-8people show up for the weekend races, but it's still a lot of fun.

Most of us race with a wheel, only mancs and firefox race with mouse. Being a mouseplayer isn't that big of a disadvantage, they have kicked our wheel asses several times. :lol:
ah and i forgott to mention that im running a dedicated server: donserver
running Blackwood and only XRTurbo cars alowed :)

also, if someone has a D1 skin for the XRTurbo please tell me where to get it :)

edit: wow fast answer pdanev ;)
if 50kbyte/s ist enough upload speed for all you players i can host for your race-sessions as well :)

actually my bigest problem with the mouse is the trottle control. as in the fast cars you cant just give fullthrottle or no throttle :) but if you say its possible i will pratice :)

i think i will take a look at your next races as a spectator and then i will see how much i have to train bevore joining :)
There's a team Falken skin and a NOB HKS S15 skin for the turbo, both are available somewhere on the RSC forum.

I see another drift junky :thumbsup:
your type to fast for me :)
i was still editing my last post..

anyway im not sure start to drifting in LFS.. but im a huge fan of D1.. especially since a was at the D1 exibition session last month in Silverstone.

and thx, will take a look in the RSC forum soon :)
Hehe :)

Our mouse player have mostly problems with braking and tire wear. They tend to lock up their brakes more often then wheel/pedal players, and they kill their tires much faster which isnt good for a longer race :)

For drifting there are currently 2 problems in LFS.
1, Lack of steering lock - in s1 the max used to be 45 on the turbo - currenlty its 36 only :thumbsdown:
2, Tire wear. Normals last 1 lap on BW, supers even less.