I'm surprised they've gone down the GM route at all given JC's opinion of the brand although that counts for nothing when product placement and money are involved.

Very true, although if this paragraph from the TG.COM article is to be believed...

With that in mind, earlier this year Top Gear assembled a range of likely candidates at our top secret Reasonably Priced Car testing facility in Surrey (at the end of Stovolds Hill, just off the B2130 near Cranleigh) and got The Stig down to give them a good thrashing. We also had some of our production team there to poke around the interiors, rigorously making sure they were big enough to accommodate a roll cage and all the minicams we rig up to capture our celeb guests? reactions. Slowly but surely we rooted out the cars that were too slow, the cars that were too twitchy, the cars that wilted under pressure and eventually we found what we believe is a car that?s just right.

...they simply chose the car that was the best 'fit' for their purposes.

Still won't make me buy one.


Well, judging by the amount I see on the roads, it didn't exactly work for the Liana or the Lacetti either. :lol:
Actually I supply our local Suzuki dealer and they report that it did quite a bit for Liana sales for the period.

And if they were picking a car that was best fit for purpose I'm surprised they didn't go for a Focus.

Oh, wait, it's Britain's best selling car by a mile in that sector so they don't need the additional marketing. Silly cynical me. :D
Some other sources I atm cannot remember, have said that it would be the Astra. Still it wouldn't hit the target price..
Seeing the evaluation of "new RPC candidates" in TG would be quite interesting (especially if the cars were reviewed by James).
They should tooooooooooooooooootally pick a Lancer. :p

(That smile looks vaguely Mazda2-y, though. I like the 2.)
Hmm... can't seem to open that Twitter-pic (link's dead), but if I read the TG-article correctly, weren't they testing a few candidates on the track? So how could we know at this point which one they will pick?

Maybe you guys are right about the "Vauxhall-route", but I would've guessed that they continue the little tradition of using Asian products as the RPC. Hyundai i20/i30 anyone? RPC should have some potential of getting mocked by the presenters/guests, and while I don't much care for the Astra, it doesn't strike me as the sort of car that's easily mocked.

Yeah, and calling it brown despite being obviously red :dunno: that's significantly different level of mocking compared to the Lianas/Lacettis.
Similarly, see the massive drop in lap times and the price being far from reasonable. The first two were around 10k, the Kia was 14k :eek:
I really like the Rapid (and the new Octavia MkIII even more). Unfortunately, the Octavia is quite expensive and even for the Rapid I think that only the horrible 1.2 HTP three-cylinder would fit within expected ? 10-12K budget. VW should have never introduced that engine, ?koda's own 1.4 was much, much better in terms of endurance, torque or MPG.

Even if they could buy the Rapid with 1.2 TSI within budget I am not sure about the engine's lifetime.
I think there's too much risk of someone putting the Yeti on its side. Rapid might've worked, Fabia is probably too expensive.
I think there's too much risk of someone putting the Yeti on its side. Rapid might've worked, Fabia is probably too expensive.

Getting some two-wheel action is a guarantee for hilarity :nod:

As for the Fabia - with the small turbo it is 1600Ukros less than a Rapid :dunno:
It's an Astra. But don't ask me the spec, I failed on that as I went a bit fangirly at that point. (No, not over the car...)