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New Spyker C12 Spyder


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Jan 14, 2004

Looks very similar to the C8, but it has a 12 cylinder engine. 8)

- Audi A8 W12 6 Ltr.
- 500 hp, 600 Nm
- 0-60 in 4 seconds

Prize: 290.000 Euro / 385,000$




Nice, the tail looks a bit long though and it's very pricy...

Front and interior looks very nice, but I think it's become more of a museumpiece than a car. They should do some work on the backside.
and sell some cars, i've never seen it, not even in a video clip (except for the topgear one). looks nice though
Yeah, they only sell them to really rich stinkasses who put it in the garage and show up at their richboyclubs...If they put a 1.3 6v OHC 3 cilinder in it they won't even notice :roll:

Those cars should be in other peoples hands.. :(
I still think that this cars is one of the biggest eyesores amongst modern day cars. Give me an Aston Martin anyday.
I will become a dictator, invade your countries and change your wrong opinions.

It's pretty, and also orriginal, which is hard to say these days..
It's soooo beautiful!! You're all wrong!

I've seen the better version the double-twelve (hardtop)
in real life... oh my god it's so nice to look at. Just look
at how you can actually SEE the transmission parts! beneath
the gear leaver. Ohh,
it's so cool.. You know, on the hardtop version
there is an air-intake for that enormous engine up
top, which diameter is so big it would easily swallow
an unlucky pigeon flying near the road :D
And those body-welds, like on an airplane, haha
it's great!


ORIGINAL? Not really, it looks just like a DB7 except they've cut big holes in places, welded various things to it and made it darn right ugly. I really can't stand this car, it belongs in the UGLY thread.
Overheat said:
ORIGINAL? Not really, it looks just like a DB7 except they've cut big holes in places, welded various things to it and made it darn right ugly. I really can't stand this car, it belongs in the UGLY thread.
lies, I was about to give you one... But seing how negitave your about it, well, no :p

I've seen the other models in real life too, the normal one and the cabrio.
I don't dig the interior.
It looks like somebody thought it would be a good idea to mix modern supercars with a custom Cadilac interior, looks a bit funky...
Other than that i can say it looks ok
I've never liked Spykers at all. I'm a fan of understated cars, and Spykers are just about the exact opposite of that. I agree with Clarkson - the C12 looks like a botom feeding fish. :?
I think the Spykers are fantastic! I can see what Clarkson meant about the bottom feeder nose, but they are superbly put together and crafted.

It took them a strangely long time, but they also have managed to build a version using the Audi RS6 engine - the original used the 4.2 V8 with minor modifications, and then the RS6 engine was that same engine with two turbos, so the change should've been fairly easy I'd have thought. The intercoolers didn't even need moving much.

Difficult to know which version to go for though. I love storming V8's, and that twin turbo V8 is certainly that. But then the V12 engine in the Doble 12 sounds utterly amazing, and just the purpose of the whole car is fantastic. It feels like a car designed to be driven fast, not ponce about on a road.

I absolutely adore it, not just because I'm dutch myself.

Spyker is making a new model with a Twin Turbo engine (I thought it was V12, can't remember for sure though).

Buy me one, and you may touch me! :p
I've sat in one on some Carshow and it is a really extraordinary place to be...surrounded by leather and that gearlinkage...I couldn't imaginge what it would be like to drive it...
Spyker builds some of the nicest detailed cars in the world. Sure it may have lots of chrome etc, but they actually put some thought into it. The fuel cap inside the air vents, the propeller theme for the steering wheel and rims, and so on. I too prefer understated cars most of the time, but when so much thought went into a design, it's hard not to like it. I'm waiting for their first appearance in a rap video, now that they entered the US market. But let's hope it never gets to that. :(

Btw, the C8 models look way better than the C12s.