TV: New Star Trek Series "Discovery" Premieres January 2017

Season 3 of Discovery just started, and the first episode was interesting. The promo for the next one was also very promising.

Die-hard Star Trek fans might not like it, but I'm not, so I just enjoy it as the good show that it is in my opinion. :)

Edit: .... and I just read my previous post from after the end of season 2. I had completely forgotten how I felt back then. :D To like it you probably have to see it on its own without too much emotional Star Trek baggage.
Season 4 just ended, and in contrast to the few times I posted about it in the meantime using the general TV show thread, I've actually remembered that we have a dedicated thread about it. Shallow grave, construnction workers, etc. :D

Anyway, I liked the season, all things considered. The forced conflict was, well, forced, and the ending a bit too sugary for my taste, but in general, I liked the "trek-ness", for lack of a better term. Aiming to a peaceful resolve and all that.
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