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TV: New Star Trek Series "Discovery" Premieres January 2017

Season 3 of Discovery just started, and the first episode was interesting. The promo for the next one was also very promising.

Die-hard Star Trek fans might not like it, but I'm not, so I just enjoy it as the good show that it is in my opinion. :)

Edit: .... and I just read my previous post from after the end of season 2. I had completely forgotten how I felt back then. :D To like it you probably have to see it on its own without too much emotional Star Trek baggage.
Season 4 just ended, and in contrast to the few times I posted about it in the meantime using the general TV show thread, I've actually remembered that we have a dedicated thread about it. Shallow grave, construnction workers, etc. :D

Anyway, I liked the season, all things considered. The forced conflict was, well, forced, and the ending a bit too sugary for my taste, but in general, I liked the "trek-ness", for lack of a better term. Aiming to a peaceful resolve and all that.
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Two years later! Season 5 and the whole series is now finished.

I was curious enough to begin watching the season, and it was entertaining enough to then continue watching it. But now I'm very glad it's over. They clearly didn't invite logic into the writers' room, instead relying solely on "wouldn't it look cool if...?" storywriting. Inventing space phenomena allowing them to just ignore any laws of time, space and story coherence.
And the half-hour epilogue tacked onto the last episode was just painful. It's as if they didn't realize that after five seasons of Discovery, just about everyone wanted it to just finally end.

So... they grabbed into the TNG leftover box and pulled out the progenitors of all things? Elevating the nod to the "intelligent design" theorybelief from a relatively throwaway thing from one episode 30 years ago into the arc-definining feature of a whole season, in this day and age? Also, the whole season is basically a hunt for something only to then decide to throw it away beyond reach for everyone (that was obvious from the start), copping out of the ethically most interesting question - what to do with such a discovery?
And they manage to hit very many cliché obstacles along the way. Still, entertaining to watch, but at times it felt like a bunch of 12-year-olds cobbled together a fanfic story, or as if some Star Trek RPG game master drew up an adventure containing all the... adventurous stuff. And the main antagonist was taken straight out of a B-movie.
Perhaps they just blew all the budget on the admittedly very sleek looking visual effects, and there wasn't enough left for decent story details. It was overall okay, but it lacked any kind of surprise...

... still, it was fun. The Trill episode especially. Until the last episode, that was reeeeeeaaaaally dragged out.