New TV card :P

ouch, it better be good at that price!

can't wait to see the results! in fact, I don't really see how quality can be improved from the last one which was already amazing!"
Wow nice one VUK :thumbsup:
Cant wait for the new series to start now :D
So let's see some demos! :D
Yep, the Nebula card is superb, as is their software, it what I have setup, beats that Hauppaugge and similar stuff hands down, just make sure to raise the video engine priority to high to stop other programs zapping CPU power and giving you jerky recording/playback. If you use the front end with the remote at all you may also what to up the priority on that also.

under the general and video tabs of the settings page.
Congrats vuk

I'm interested in exactly which one you bought. Plus, the price on the site is only 100 pounds or so, as aposed to the 250 $

And sometimes you realise the answer while your typeing the question :D