New version released (still no Scirocco, physics, etc)

Hopefully they will get the new physics, Scirocco and Rockingham ready soon too.
LFS is back to being a Sunday joy as far as I'm concerned! :D Obviously there aren't any full-fledged RACING servers as there used to be (4 out of 5 are cruise servers nowadays, bugger <_<), but there's always S2 for a good time and a full multiclass grid.
Also the moaning about the Scirocco annd the new physics toned down a bit (finally) after 0.6B came out...all in all, this has been the best time for LFS since CTRA closed down :cool:
FM FOX Junkies for me. I race every weekend or every alternate weekend late evenings here (around 15:30 GMT - 17:30 GMT).