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New video card?


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Sep 21, 2003
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Okay, so I have a shitty 64 MB nVidia GeForce 4 TI 4200 and I'm thinking of upgrading, but I don't have money coming out my ears.

I was thinking of getting a 9800 Pro as it's come down in price some, but thought I'd ask around first...
I have a 64MB GeForce4 Ti4200... it's not that shitty... :oops: :cry: .......... :p

I actually bought the card off of a friend who upgraded from it to a 9800 Pro. I'm normally not at ATI fan, but it is an absolutely incredible card. I'd highly recommend it.
A TI 4200 is shitty already? Man things go fast.
I've got a 128MB TI 4400 and I'm still happy with it for the most part :) .
Cards still seem awfully pricy to me.
I'd wait until Doom 3, Half Life 2 and the likes are out for a month or so, then a lot of people will have upgraded their cards, and that should have driven the price of earlier generation cards down a bit.

Traditionally, ATI cards are good hardware, but their drivers have been crap.
I think that's probably improved a lot, but not sure how much, since NVidia offers things like build it stereovision support in the drivers when ATI does not.
Okay, a TI 4200 is not that shitty, but when I have to run BFV at minimum settings at 800x600, it's time to upgrade to 128 MB.
I haven't played BFV (I assume that that's Battle Field Vietnam), but I can run FarCry on max detail (except 4x FSAA) at 1024x768x32 and get about 25-30FPS (which is enough), especially now that I've upgraded to a 1GB memory (which made a GIGANTIC difference from the 256MB that I used to have. 256MB was really unplayable, and 512MB was just a little bit insufficient).
FarCry's graphics are absolutely stunning BTW.
Valid point, but if I'm gonna get a good video card, should I get one that's gonna last me longer than the one I have no lasted me? It was a mid-range one at the time, now it's nearing the end of the time it's able to keep up and do well. Not to mention I'm a serious gamer and so I really need my FPS...

I'll look into the 9600XT though. Thanks. :)
I dont think that you need to buy the high end model these days.
The 9800 Pro wouldn't be able to handle Games that the 9600XT can't.
The difference is the Antialiasing. If that's a feature you want,
you need to buy a high end card. If you don't need it you'll be happier with the XT.
I am the owner of A Radeon 9500 Pro,which is basicly a slower 9700
and it runs Games like Far Cry, Splinter Cell etc. smooth in 1024*768.
Is there no demo for BFV?
BTW, is BFV multi-player only, or does it have a decent single player part to it?
There is no BFV Demo. The game itself has a singleplayer Part
but the bots would be happy to have the IQ of a certain US President :D
The 9800 Pro 128 is the best bang for the buck now and in the long term, so I would say go for that. 256 cards are a waste of money so stick with 128mb. Hardware is always two steps ahead of software and its going to be awhile before 256MB cards are even needed.
Likwid said:
The 9800 Pro 128 is the best bang for the buck now and in the long term
That's what I had been thinking. Although the 9600XT would probably do just fine, the 9800 Pro will do better and I don't want to settle - I want kick ass card that is nearing top of the line. I mean, I already have a decent card, so why buy a little more decent card instead of a really good card?
Viper007Bond said:
Okay, a TI 4200 is not that shitty, but when I have to run BFV at minimum settings at 800x600, it's time to upgrade to 128 MB.

BFV has a few issues get the latest patches and it gets a bit better though its still not perfect and my mate with a x800pro still see the slowdowns, its poor programming.

Running on a Ti4200 128Mb myself but best bang per buck is probably 9800pro