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newbie from italy


Mar 30, 2005
Trieste (Italy)
Hi guys. I'm Luca, i'm 26 and i came from Italy.
Sorry for my english. Probably is not perfect.
I'm here simply because i love Top gear and fith gear. I think there's no better tv programs about car then them.
Thank you for yor site. You are the only way for me, for watching them! Tank you! thank you! thank you!! And i hope the new site will be completly ready as soon as possible. ;)

p.s.: I'm an happy owner of Honda Integra Type-R Model Year '99.

See you soon! Bye!
I wanna move to italy. Awesome food, hot women, and great cars...what more could a guy want?
touche. Of course, if I were to move to italy...i'd have that covered by then 8)
Welcome Luca welcome ^_^
RepLiKa said:
You got any Pics and Specs of your Integra?? Great car btw!!! :thumbsup:
some pics:


specs? Quiet all sotck... just...

K&N air filter
7 point power earth cable :lol:
NGK Power cable for Spark plug
Denso Iridium IK-22 Spark plugs
Oil catch tank
Mugen thermostat and thermo switch
Mugen radiator cap
Customized body throttle (enlarged and polished)
Services every 7500Km

I'm waitig for Toda Racing Exhaust manifold (maybe after summer.. i'll win the bingo)

Carbon fiber Bomex aero mirrors
Carbon Fiber "H" emblems
Metal "Type-R" emblems on the sides
TYC rear lights
some bumper scratches (other people don't know how to park without hitting your car... :thumbsdown: )
Koni adjustable dumper
H&R Springs

mmm.. only sparco carbon fiber pedals and some other little stupid details..

That's all.
Clean Integra :welcome:
LuFo said:
TechZ said:

and nice drawing, is that your work? :thumbsup:
No.. i'm not good in drawing.. One of my friends did it.
I work for a little sotware house.