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Next generation NVIDIA GPU (GF7900) details


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Hexus.net has learned what the new NVIDIA GPU is scoring in 3DMark, along with a bunch of other details:

One young gal confirmed to me that, as of the time of writing, key NVIDIA customers believe that NVIDIA's next generation, and first 90nm part, codenamed G71 is to be launched as GeForce 7900. Unlike the launch of its GeForce 7800 GTX, the current plan seems that NVIDIA will launch both the faster GTX and GT variants at the same time.

The flagship single-card product GeForce 7900 GTX is claimed to be a 32 pixel processor part with a core GPU frequency of 700/750 MHz, and should ship with 1.1ns graphics RAM clocked at 800/900MHz. The money-shot is that a 700MHz NVIDIA GeForce 7900 is currently coming in at circa 13,000 3DM2K5's on an AMD Athlon 64 FX 60 system.

This is really going to help bring down the 7800 in price, :thumbsup:
Thats always good, the graphics must be amazing.