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NFS: Most Wanted Ladder


Jan 8, 2005
2012 Golf TDI 140
Seeing how us PC-bound people missed the chance to participate in the GT4 ladder, I have a proposal. We can have a FinalGear NFS:MW ladder, and anyone that has the game is welcome to participate - and yes, this does include those that have the game for a console.

It's simple - everyone would drive a pre-selected track, and post his/her best time. Ofcourse, this would be done with a pre-selected car, and pre-selected car upgrade levels.

In order to prove the set time, you'll have to provide a screenshot.

Track: NFS World Loop (Sprint race). I propose this because it's quite long - on a shorter track all our times would be too similar. Plus it's quite fast too.
Car: Mercedes McLaren SLR. Why? Because it looks good. Originally, I wanted to do it with the Punto, but I realise that most people aren't that excited by the car.
Upgrade level: Ultimate everything.
Nitrous: Allowed.

Traffic: Off.
Opponent: One.
Catch-up: Off. (Not really important, but it'll keep your opponent off your back so you can drive in peace.)

Times so far:

wceend23: 6:00.19 (We all hate you now.)
HardwareBob: 6:00.77
Adunaphel: 6:07.74
Hazardous: 6:09.32
Viper007Bond: 6:10.80
FliPP: 6:17.55
zeroSignal: 6:28:89
Z102: 6:43.66
it is for me :D good idea :D but i dont know i others will join too... i can post my time now but maybe thats a bit weird when there arent others who will do this too :)
ah what the hell..here's my screen
made the screen when i raced the track for the third time
time: 6.29.24

Could probably do it even faster after a few laps (this was my first lap with this car):

nice time viper :)
I need to get the car first. :blush:
here is my time, i did i it on the second run (i know i suck :lol: ), i try to improve it later tonight or tomorrow.

FliPP said:
here is my time, i did i it on the second run (i know i suck :lol: ), i try to improve it later tonight or tomorrow.

You think you suck? I only managed 6:36 on my second shot after over seven minute time on the first run. I keep forgetting to use nitrous.

BTW, can you take screenshots from the game with printscreen? I used fraps earlier but somehow it refuses to take screenshots any more.
I just print screen and then crop off my 2nd monitor.
Still not nearly a perfect lap, but at least it was a better run:

Okay, I'm done for tonight. :p

I have yet to unlock this car...and I?m still at the bottom of the list :cry:
A body kit on an SLR! You sick bastard! :x :p
well, i improved a bit but i'm still slower then the rest :cry:

here is an update of my time.


Viper do you race with the keyboard or with an wheel?
ok here's my second time:


damn viper only 0,01 sec slower than you did :x