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nice japanese private car site

the pics could be bigger...

and i do not understand japanese :mrgreen: i need to learn... :unsure:
the car culture in Japan is very strong... I've met some of the japanese people and according to them, the reason why so many of them love to tune and buy nice cars is that this is the way to show off their wealth, unlike in most countries where it is through where you stay... apparently... in Japan, the Middle class and Upper class all stay in roughly the same type of houses
ha, look at this:


Some pretty good stuff on that site. Loads of lambos and ferraris.
that's quite a surprise. i didn't think the exotic market had such big place in the japanese auto scene.

(ot: nice sig, kip :lol: )
The owner of the site is the the guy in the hummer, and from what i can tell is that he brings his kids along all the time, pretty cool.

(nice of you to notice my sig, feel to mention any way I might be able to improve it, i'm pondering if I should add a shark..)
Avyer said:
Hammerhead shark would fit perfect inbetween the "first" and "Sig"...

thanks for the advice, the shark fits nicely i think.

I didn't write "hammer head shark", that'd be a bit too long :/