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Nicest 360 modena ever


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Oct 4, 2004
This has to be the coolest 360 modena i've ever seen :love:
The company is called Vertice Design.


what do you guys think?

[edit] here's a picture

mmm nah i like i hamman more..
damn, i forgot that hamann one rocks as well :mrgreen:
still, this and the hamann one are probably the only modenas i'd consider buying if i had enough money 8)
i would keep my modean stock if i got one. perhaps some bits from the CS model or track one. like the back thingy around the lights. i turn it to the mesh version seen on the sportier ones
wow :shock: that's a very nice Ferrari, i've seen a regular Modena in person and i was drolling.
im not a big ferrari lover either, and wouldnt buy one, definitely not a stock one, and definitely not a stock modena. but this one really rocks imo. i really like that aggressive bodykit, and those rims as well. they really give it a racing look 8) i wish i had at least a nice big picture of this... :cry:
he means too much japanese plastic customizing body kits and other shit.. i don't think bodykits are ment for italian cars, they don't lack design thats for sure.. its ment for japanese toys..
visit that private japnese car site i made thread for. it has loads of mod'd european and american cars
too much japanese plastic customizing body kits and other shit

as far as i see the body kit is very decent and isnt much different from a stock modena. its a little bit different, but enough to make the car look more racecar like ;)

.. its ment for japanese toys..
i think you have the wrong impression. too much is what they put in the u.s. for example. if you look at a true japanese performance car, you see only stuff that serves a purpose. bodykit/spoilers etc, are not only decoration but aerodynamics.

but anyway, different people different tastes. im not forcing anyone to like the car ;) was just curious what you guy thought about it, thats all :)
Ferraris, whether or not you like them, are works of art in themselves. You don't put plastic body work, tinted windows, and stupid blingly wheels on them. The Japs dont know anything about real cars, and its so obvious in every vehicle they produce.