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Nissan x4 - Moco/Wingroad/Note/Foria


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Oct 4, 2004
Cars in order of thread title.

Infor & Pics from autoblog.com

The idea of this concept is ?a car that helps you enjoy everyday life like a best friend would.? Hmm? acts just like your best friend, eh? Will it bail you out of jail at three in the morning for referring to Officer O?Malley as a ?pretty little thing?? I didn?t think so. According to Nissan it does have a low-emissions engine, really good fuel economy and some clever storage compartments. We?ll just let the Japanese keep this one.




The big feature of this wagon/MPV-type vehicle is its rear seat that slides for and aft to either increase legroom or cargo space at will. The configurable interior also features a small third-row bench seat that resides under the rear floor and faces the back, good for sitting down and tying your shoe laces before a long hike. The Wingroad Preview has also been designed for an active lifestyle with water-resistant seat covers, a washable luggage board and a large-capacity underfloor luggage box that can be removed and washed. With popularity of multi-purpose vehicles like the HHR and Mazda5 on the rise, the Wingroad may have an audience outside of Japan, as well.





The Note inspired by Adidas (I?m not saying it again) was modeled after the obsession Japanese youth culture (referred to as the Remix Generation in Nissan?s press release) has with sportswear ? hence the Adidas tie-in. Based on Nissan?s own Note model, this version features a ?wearable? concept wherein certain parts of the exterior and interior can be changed at will just like the Adidas-branded sportwear its target customer is wearing. It?s not a new idea, nor one that was all that successful last time around on the Saturn Ion. The interior also features storage nets on the dashboard, a glovebox that opens with a zipper and a removable bag in the center console.





Though we hope the Foria gets a green light for production, we?re guessing the only place we?ll get to drive this 2+2 sport coupe concept will be in the next version of Gran Turismo. Hopefully we?re wrong, as the Foria looks to be the kind of coupe we get revved up over. The front-engine/RWD coupe seems to be Nissan?s answer to the Mazda RX-8, though this car stands apart with higher-quality craftsmanship from better-grade materials, Four-wheel Active Steer and what Nissan would only refer to in its press release as a mid-sized engine. The interior is a mixture of saddle-like leather and metallic trim pieces that creates an old-world-meets-new-technology kind of feeling, like if you parked an Audi TT in a barn. The styling?s debatable, but we dig the Foria?s minimalist yet elegant approach.










The Wingroad has the front end of the new Subarus and the Foria looks like someone tried to draw a Fulvia in a amusement park mirror.
Damn I like the lines of that Foria. Although the only reason probably is that it, just like Magnet said, looks alot like the Fulvia concept. But if they straighten out the head- and rearlights and gave it a bit more square interior, it could become pretty damn good looking car...imo.
They're all rubbish
the foria's interior is sweet!
and the Moco is a bit too....pink.
patrick10 said:
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The Brand with Three Stripes.

i dont get it.... maybe its my driunkenss but i dont understand

Heheh reading forums while drunk is always hilarious!! Heheh :D