Ownership Verified: Nitrous Blue 2018 Focus RS

That track looks very nice but HOLY SHIT is it narrow...

I added a birds eye view of the track with an highlight in red of the configuration we used. Behold my artistic abilities!
Where is it?
Beginning of my post.

Adding here for convenience.

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Took the car on a 2000+ km trip with the family last week.

From Montreal, first a stop in Quebec City, then a 800 km drive to Percé, and on the way back a 1003 km drive in one day back to Montreal


Passed a few milestones (the first one was a week before, in another trip to Quebec City




Dirty RS before leaving on the last morning:


Car is now super dirty, I need to find some times to wash it properly.


Throughout the trip I managed an average fuel consumption of 8.9l/100 km, with a best average over a tank of 8.1 (including a best displayed average of 7.8 before it crept back up to 8.1).


I love the seats in normal use, but on road trips, I get cramps in the legs after roughly 90 to 120 minutes. We managed to fit the whole family (2 adults, 2 kids) and our luggage for the week. It was tight, but still Ok.

The power on tap was nice to have for some of the overtakes I needed to do on some of these roads, and there was even a few nice parts with curves, climbs and decent where I got to enjoy the handling of the car.

Still in love with it :D
Passed another milestone last week:


And yesterday drove almost 3h north to go spend the day at the cottage my brother in law rented.


Took that potato shot with the shed, not the cottage :p


A 524 km day with an displayed average fuel economy of 9.0 l/100km.

Saw an almost identical Nitrous Blue RS (but pre-2018) in traffic on the way back :)
The deadline for snow tire changeover in my province is December 1st. But the temperatures have been pretty low for for a few weeks, and this morning it was actually 0° C.

So today was operation winter tire day.


My summer Michelin PSC2 are pretty much done after 1 season. I'll have to by a set of PS4S for next summer.

Today's the anniversary of my first year of ownership of the RS.

In that year, it has done just over 15000km, 1 track day, 1 >2000 km road trip (including a 1000 km day), and been a flawless daily driver.

It is so much fun, that for the first time, deciding between taking my motorcycle or my car is a tough decision.

I do not regret that purchase one bit :D

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Mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain this morning made for fun slippery conditions, and I took the opportunity to take this potato shot :

Drove through a little snow storm last night, this car is so much fun when the roads are slippery.

Today we went skiing, perfect car to get us there.

Saw a real twin tonight, same model year and everything :)

Passed 20000 km yesterday.


Really looking forward to summer, except for the need for 4 new tires...
Same here. Need to get summer tires soon. No doubt that Michelin PS4S is one of the best but it is expensive. I might get the Conti ExtremeContact Sport at 4wheelonline. I've heard that this tire is good in the dry and wet. Also, it is significantly cheaper than Michelin.
I've put a set of Falken FK510s on my Mustang after not wanting to spend Michelin money. I've been happy with their all weather performance.
I was able to get around 25,000km out of Michelin Pilot Super Sports driving the tits out of it in Germany - I drove them literally to destruction on the Nürburgring :)
With the whole zombie apocalypse going on, I haven't seen my mom in almost 4 months.

Today we took a little road trip to meet her in the country. At least 4 cars tried to race me ?‍♂️

For some reasons local birds recently decided the Nitrous Blue paint would look better with a bunch of shit on it. Also, a few million bugs decided to end their life by embedding themselves in the bumper.

So for the first time since taking ownership, I decided to wash it myself.

Far from perfect, but better than nothing.

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