Ownership Verified: Nitrous Blue 2018 Focus RS

Washed the cars yesterday and installed the summer tires this morning.

Forgot to do a proper burnout to destroy what remains of my winter tires.

Playing with the Racebox mini, recording 0-60 (kph) runs on my way to pickup the kids at school.


Edit: there are even graphs 😀

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The recent drives caused a bugpocalypse, so time for a bath for the RS as well.


10 days ago on the way back from a small road trip a new rattle started and I noticed that the gauges in the center pod were holding on only from the left side and the right side was shacking up and down with every bump on the road.

I was already picturing $$$$ repairs for a dash out operation out of warranty.

A quick YouTube search revealed that the center pod could be pulled straight out by just prying it carefully.

So tonight I decided to go for it.

Pre-op, sagging on the right


I was expecting a broken plastic tab, was surprised it was a missing screw.

Took the remaining screw out to try to identify it to find a new one, but after disconnecting the 2 cables going to the pod, I took the pod completely out, looked into the void, and to my surprise, I found the fallen screw within reach.


Forgot to mention, apparently this car is self-healing.

The roof got dented during the 2019-2020 winter, probably from ice or snow falling from the roof of our house while the car was in the driveway.

It's hard to see in these pictures, but the bump is kinda visible just in front of the roof mounted antenna.

Well, this summer it fixed itself without any intervention on my part. I just realized at some point the bump had disappeared :dance:
Small road trip (~500 km) to pickup my girls today, drove pretty slow most of the way since I was scared of cops (only saw one right at the beginning).

Averaged 8.6l/100km, pretty good for me...

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Played fuel bingo yesterday, this popped up as I drove into the petrol station

Still haven't managed to record a 0-100, but did improve the 0-60 quite a lot...

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Yesterday I was on the south shore of Montreal with a few hours to kill, so I went for a drive on a road I ever only did on bikes. Pretty much the only somewhat twisty road within an hour of my place.


While I was there, I managed to do 2 0-100 runs (in opposite directions, for science). Didn't manage to get it below 5 seconds, possibly because of a combination of running 91 fuel while the car is optimized for 93, of limited traction due to the cold temperature, and not being aggressive enough on the 1-2 shift (seem to be around 0.3 seconds). Still, average both ways below 5.5, not to bad for a Focus.


I hit a chunk of ice on Christmas Eve, and damaged the bumper cover, the engine undertray, and eventually lost that black trim piece.


Cost to fix this? 2800$. So first insurance claim in over 20 years.

When I got the car back after the work, I noticed something I had missed for the 4 years I've owned the car.