No 56k: No vehicle was spared! [FG Roadtrip 2016 UK edition] photo thread

The Roadtrip

The Roadtrip

You remember that picture of a truck towing a car out of the river? This is how it all started.

Joe tired again.

What are these weird people from the internet standing around doing nothing?

Let's just park like assholes.

None of us bikes were that flexible.
But we are fat.

I don't remember who bought it, but it's disgusting shit!


Jup, still looking good.

Aaaand it's ruined.

A helmet does not make you a biker.

Looks very comfortable.

We're at one of the most famous landmarks, standing around doing nothing.

Proof that i posted that card. In case the postal service fucked up.

Leaving our mark.

He's climbing shit again.

A brave man to enter these waters.

Nope, it's cold.

Still there.

Barely any room to move.

Morning rush hour.

First traffic jam of the day.



Big fish.

Tiny cup of sauce.

Wot u lookin at mate?

Almost like in the postcards.

U wanted giftcard?

Air pump and butter do not mix well.

No kitchen utensils were present. Cardboard was.

How can we speed up the fire process?


More WD40!

Yummi yummi yummi.

This was a 3 to 4 person hut. Joe, Peter, me, and that's where the fourth has to sleep.

A true hipster.

Where is my paddle?

Can i hitch a ride?

It was very brave of that camper trying to go up. But FAIL!

Parked like assholes.

Do stupid stuff with more energy.

And he's stuck. :D

Look, bigger than my hand!

Where is the turbo?

You sure it's there?

Finally someone wants to pick up the pug.

Parked like an asshole.

Imitating a mixer is not the proper way to make sauce.

Look how happy he is.

And another info screen not working.

And we're brexiting.

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The "Legal Name Fraud" thing seems to be a fringe conspiracy theory that somehow attracted a wealthy donor for billboards. Seems to be in line with our "Reichsb?rger" in Germany.
I'm somewhat scared of myself because I immediately recognized it from that picture three years after being there.
Embedding of flickr videos doesn't seem to work, so click the pic to see the video.

Behold, the arrival of the 205.

Arrival of the 205 by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr
Oright.. On the same subject, I think I was the only one fast enough with a (video) camera to document the arrival of the first challenge car.



Good Morning!

Three Generations of Frying Excellence! Local hospital must love this place.


How much did I spend on whisky?

Good brakes ? on three remaining corners.

No, he didn't drive.

BBQ. Supercharged.

WD40 for everything!

Manual focusing

Cider brings happiness does beer!



For relaxing times!

As British as it gets

Awesome lake district.

Happy 205 Life

The roads are rather narrow.

Oh no, lunch is escaping!



Admiring Daimler's Achievements.

Peak District

Daimler looks happy. As it should.

Happy 205.

850i drive by


Beautiful scenery!

Observing tires.

I'm going home

Too much coffee.

"This was a monumental fuck-up"

Finding Pokemon.

No respect for the BMW.

Romans came, and left something lasting.

And on that bombshell.

At Simonstone Hall

At its natural environment.

Skyfall Road Moment

Manchester Streets

Colourful Manchester.

No cars coming out of this factory.

Fail at framing.

UK was full of fascinating bridges

Fromt left: Daimler Six, Honda VFR 800 FI, BMW E39 525i Touring. Obviously.

Pitstop time

Peugeot 205 flying through Evo Triangle.

Evo Triangle

Evo Triangle.

Somewhere in Wales. I guess.

Flat tire time!

public enjoying British snack.

Daimler in front of the Jaguar Development Centre.

Kenilworth Castle ruins.

Beautiful, if a bit tired Kenilworth Castle.

British Ruins.

She is about to leave UK. Probably for ever.

Reading the #"%"#% manual.

Typical English Gentlemen!

White cliffs of Dover


Spa for men!

Approaching Eau Rouge. Standstill.

Duct tape to rescue!

Whisky time.

We found another! Our Daimler Six meets mint Jaguar XJ6

public found a classic Lancia. Or something.
What do you mean? He was very nice and polite, stopping to wait for me to pass.. :p

Terrible video cobbled together from assorted clips on my phone and camera.
Please turn off the auto-stabilization D:
No but it makes it not distort horribly and induce motion sickness.