No Audio on any episodes with .ts container


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Feb 18, 2011
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I'm currently running Win 7 x64. I have tried VLC, Media Player Classic, WMP, Media Center, k-lite codec pack, and CCCP, none of which yield any results. I can get audio in VLC, but the video skips so hard it's completely unwatchable, even with high quality audio resampling disabled.

AVS Video Converter shows both of the new specials that were upped in 1080 having perfectly intact AC3 audio, but nothing will play both the audio and video properly. I attempted changing the extension to mkv to see if it was just the .ts container causing the issues, but I experienced the same problem as before, which leads me to believe whoever encoded these rips fails quite hard.

I believe I read somewhere on these forums that codecs don't work with Win 7 unless you hack it to do so, which I'm not comfortable attempting on my own.

I haven't had to tweak any media players ever (shit, I've never had any kind of trouble playing anything but every single 1080 rip available here), so I've got no idea what to do from here besides remux. That being said, spending 4 and a half hours remuxing something that should play fine on its own isn't exactly what I had in mind, so if you guys have a better suggestions, I'm all ears.
As a last resort, you could try:
  1. Uninstall all codec drivers and media players (probably except wmp).
  2. Reboot.
  3. Re-Install K-Lite x64. Note: their page recommends install x32 in addition to x64. But you might want to read up on it.