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No Audio with Avi's encoded with Mencoder


New Member
May 19, 2005
I downloaded the older divx and I'm current wit the recent Xvid codecs and ave installed Ac3.Mp3radium,ogg codecs to no avail. Only on Avi's encoded with the Mencoder, everything else runs fine so far in mediaplayer.
Any Suggestions. I know
Does not have any Audio but Video is fine.
Hmm, well the two in between seem to be different resolutions, so that must've been sandys or another back up recorder that transcoded that...so, you have the XviD for the video and MP3radium for audio...I've never heard of that particular MP3 codec. Maybe try getting a LAME MP3 encoder/decoder. I dunno :dunno:
I'm sure someone does tho :)
Hell yeah another Aud i lover I've owned 2 A4's B5 and B6 but I'm rockin a Civic Si now, super fun car. Thanks I'll try.

Get the latest alpha build, its the BEST ever codec pack, and the only one i use
ffdshow is only for video tho right? Or does it werk for audio too, cause it's the audio that's the problem...
Its for audio and vide codecs support, for somereason I didn't have ffdshow installed on my new machine. Thanks yo. :bangin: