No Girls Allowed


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Am just watching this Saturday morning kids program on Channel 5 and I must say that I'm very impressed. It's called No Girls Allowed and I've just watched them destroy tons of cars, smash a load of fragile things and smash up a caravan. I'm rather happy now! :)

Anyone else ever seen this?
how old are u overload? heheheh

sry we don't get bbc over here, only its gay cousin
bbc america =[
It's not BBC, it's Channel Five or just "five" as it's now known. You know, the channel that 5th Gear is broadcast upon! (Hence, 5th Gear's name) :)
i think the name also got sth to do with the fact that most cars have 5 gears ;)
a little, but it was named mostly because it was basically Top Gear on channel 5 - it had the same presenters and everything (except the license to use the Top Gear name)
As a show dedicated to mostly high performance cars, you'd think they would have changed their name to 6th Gear - what self-respecting sports car has 5 gears these days. :p I agree it's most likely just a play on the number 5 in relation to Channel 5. :)