Game: No Man's Sky

No ones getting mad. I just commented that I want more games that are bright and colorful.
I've said it before, but after getting excited by Spore, a game with similar promises of "epic expanses of space" and procedurally generated world and creatures and having it be one of the most boring games I'd ever played...I wasn't taking any of the hype for this game for real. I could tell from Demo's that it was gonna be the same kind of boring slog fest that Spore was.

Procedurally generated games sound great, but other then games like FTL or similar that procedurally generate levels so they are always different, no one has truly made a game worth playing that was procedurally generated in its entirety. Minecraft might be the exception, but that was more just terrain creation rather then the entire world, chracters, creatures and such being created in a procedural manner.

Kind of a bummer how it all went down though. Lots of promises and I know a lot of people were excited for it. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't fall for the hype.
I've only logged about an hour on the game, but so far I'm liking it. No crashes yet, knock on wood.
Digging up this thread from a shallow grave...

Saw a video a few days ago about how the game now is much much better than it was 3 years ago. Caught a 50% off sale on Steam the other day and bought it. Put in a few hours last night and its really good. Still early in the story, but the game is very pretty and fun so far. I do with there were more NPCs, but maybe I've just been spoiled by GTA with its 1000s of random characters walking and driving around.

Also very surprised at how well my laptop can run it. 7th gen Core i7-7700HQ, 8GB ram, Nvidia A GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and I have textures on high, shadows on medium and reflections on medium. Wasn't expecting to be able to play that high. I do get some tree pop-in when I first come down to a planet, but after that the environment generates faster than I can get around.

Also, side note, can someone please add me to the FG Steam group?
Jumped on same sale and immediately screwed up my save file by joining CrzRsn's game after building a base elsewhere, but before gaining hyperspace travel. Had to edit the JSON manually to reset the mission progress.....
Had a few crashes but that is typical with my PC. Other than that I've been enjoying the game a lot. Protip, switch to first person view, FOV 90, and motion blur off.