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No more ".... Is Born"


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Jul 22, 2005
Milano, Italia
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Just reveived the latest Mark Evans newsletter:

Just a quick note to say that I had a brilliant time at the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham last week. The MG was mobbed !

It was great to meet up with so many like-minded enthusiasts and to share a few minutes with so many fans. The downside was that I lost my voice and didn't get to see much of the Show. Hey Ho !

Just to let you know, the DVD of "An MG Is Born" is now available from my online shop at www.markevans.co.uk/acatalog/An_MG_is_Born.html together with a selection of new money-saving DVD bundles. We have also added a selection of "Wheeler" Dealer DVDs to the shop and a new off-road title called "How To Drive Off Road". All great stocking fillers for Christmas.

Finally for now, some sad news for fans of my "Is Born" series. On my return from the Classic Motor Show, I picked up an email from Discovery informing me that a decision has been made not to commission any new, long-running, instructional, workshop-based series. The bottom line - IS BORN IS OVER. It's official.

It's been a fantastic few years and I am grateful to Discovery for offering me the chance to share my workshop exploits with you. As for the future, it's too early to say. Rest assured, Les and I are really keen to continue restoring classic cars and bikes (in our own inimitable way) and I am now off to explore any and all avenues that might enable us to bring you the results on TV, DVD or both. Wish me luck.

All the best for now and I will be in touch soon.


Sad news :cry:

but there wasn't much left he could build anyways
:cry: I've always enjoyed watching those programs
One of the most informative series on discovery. And i'm sure its influenced lots of people to go into the trade.

As for not being able to build anything, ye he's covered pretty much all the big ones, cept for boats :p

But I wouldn't mind him doing another classic or kit car, something really special. Or another bike.
it's pretty certain that the 'Is Born' series is dead as the name is probably owned in some way. it doesn't mean we won't see "creating a #####" or "engineering a ###" etc.. they don't own him, and he doesn't sound like he decided to quit, so i wouldn't give up on him.