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No Spa for 2006 (F1)


Oh well, whatcha gonna do?
Spa is my favourite circuit too!
It annoys me that the officials in charge of the event don't even take it seriously. I hope Bernie will unleash his full fury on them!
Z Draci said:
I hope Bernie will unleash his full fury on them!

Well, I don't know exactly what went wrong, but the thing is:

A walloon politician (Wallonia is one of the two Belgian parts where they speak French) signed a contract with Bernie without reading is. "I can't speak English" and now the Walloon government has to pay 14 million euros each time the SPA GP does not happen.

The Walloon government says it can't prepare the circuit in time this year, appareantly there are some infrastructure works to be done.
jensked said:
I didn't know it was such a beloved GP...
Spa is the greatest course, I love the "Eau Rouge" and it is the closest GP for me, normally it doesnt take longer than 70min, although a GP weekend isnt normal.
Whatever happened, they needed to have taken this problem more seriously. For a fact I know that a bigger paddock area is required by all venues for the 2007 season. I just didn't know that Spa would be cancelled for 2006!

Spa is such a great circuit because it combines so many different kinds of corners--high speed sweepers, mid/low speed corners, and that (recently added) chicane. Corner number one is also a great corner too.

I believe Spa is also the longest circuit on the F1 calendar. What a shame. Maybe they should consider a second Japanese GP at Fuji. I know they can be ready for next season.
the problem is that first they struggle to make any profit since tabacco advertsisment is no longer allowed, second that hardly any people visit the races (lots of germans used to go to spa, but since shumacher doesn't win no more, they stay home). and like jensked said, a politician signed a contract with burnie that the race would be organised any way until 2012 or sth, or our government will pay 14 mil $ as compensation.

but now the organiser of the races, let the organisation go bankrupt, so there is no one to organise them....
the government first wanted to organize it themselves, but it would cost more than the 14 mil $ they would have to pay as a fine

so either way, it's fucked up

but burny now proposed to skip spa this year, and to do some investments in track & tribune improvement, but if that will happpen??