Non-drinker looking for gift advice


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Aug 31, 2007
Connecticut, USA
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My wife and I don't drink, and know nothing about pretty much any aspect of it, but my father in law is fond of bourbon and we'd like to get him some as a Christmas gift. A couple years ago we got him some Maker's Mark(I think that's what it was called) for some reason/occasion per his request, and this time we'd like to get him something proper fancy. Not that we have any idea whether or not what we got him was fancy, other than it being pretty pricey.

So what we need from you are suggestions, we don't exactly have a price range in mind, but expensive is fine. Also, are there any foods or something that go particularly well with bourbon? I just might be nice to get him something more than just a bottle, fancy though it may be.

A bottle of Woodford Reserve should be a good safe choice.
Agree with laxmax. Woodford is a really nice bourbon.

Here is Stephen Fry visiting the distillery - I swear the chap showing him around was the inspiration for Ned Flanders! :lol: