Ownership Verified: NooDle’s EV take 2 : The Mullet (Kia EV6)

Car’s in for its first service as it’s nearly a year old and wouldn’t you know it, there’s issues nobody told me about.

Apparently there’s recalls for the doorhandles and the amplifier for the in car audio, both need to be replaced…. And of course because Kia, none of these parts are available…

So minor annoyance again since I’ll have to come back again…..Aren’t manufacturers obligated to inform drivers of recalls? It does seem the early EV6es were haphazardly thrown together and thrown out the door a bit too quickly.

Car itself is fine though, did around 30k kms in 9 months (I’m not counting the 3 months it stood still at the body shop)…

I’ll do a recap next
3k kms over the course of 2 weeks in the pouring rain means a very dirty car

Finally washed it and was reminded how good the red looks in the sun wheb it’s squeaky clean


In other news : higher temperatures mean 430ish kms from a full battery again which is nice. All is well
Nearing 6 months of ownership so time for some reflection and stats (because I'm nerdy and I like stats)

Total mileage : 21296 kms
Total charged : 4327 kwh
This gives me an average consumption of 20,31 kwh/100 kms, which seems a bit on the high side (car reports 18,2)

Total charging sessions : 140 for 184 days, which means a charge every 1,31 days
Public slow charging 131 kwh (3% of total)
Public fast charging 362 kwh (8% of total)
Home charging 3833 kwh (88% of total)
Which underlines again how important a home charger is if you drive a lot like me. I have charged on public chargers, but more often because I could, not because I had to.
Times the Guessometer lied to me : 0 => this is a major difference compared to my eGolf who would wildly guess a random number and then adapt it while on the go in ways that were incomprehensible. This is much better, I may lose or gain a few kms, but the general guesstimate is usually 100% accurate. I can say this because I drove it down to 0% and it still got me 16 kms further...

Total number of unintended drifts/powerslides : 1
Total number of deliberate drifts/powerslides : many

Total number of damages out of my control : 2 (1 cracked headlight due to a rock, 1 puncture due to a screw on the road)
Total number of damages because I'm an idiot : 1 (dented the front splitter/bumper because I didn't notice a concrete block)

Ragrets about picking this car: 0
Yes it's a big and wide thing so parking can be an issue at times, and yes it has ridiculous wheel/tires so it does crash a bit over rough surfaces, but as a whole it's an awesome machine that does everything I ask of it and more. Still chuffed to have it :)

A bit over 1 year in and the stats are as follows

Total mileage : 33.340 kms (I missed the 33,333 milestone :()
total charged : dunno and don't care anymore really. I just plug it in at home and don't worry about it.
Consumption is around 17,8 kwh/100 kms, going down massively the last couple of weeks, since it's finally a decent temperature now.
Was touching 20 kwh/100 kms in the winter months since I did a LOT of highway miles and it was freezing a lot.

Times the Guessometer lied to me : still 0. If anything, it is even a bit too conservative, with the current temperatures it tells me 430 kms are doable but I think I can stretch it to 450 if I really needed to. I just haven't had the chance to test it (most I've done in 1 go recently was 370 kms)

Total number of unintended drifts/powerslides : still 1
Total number of deliberate drifts/powerslides : still many

Total number of damages out of my control : 3 (1 destroyed the car's left butt cheek entirely because reversing van, 1 cracked headlight due to a rock, 1 puncture due to a screw on the road)
Total number of damages because I'm an idiot : 1 (dented the front splitter/bumper because I didn't notice a concrete block)
I now realise THATS A LOTTA damage in just 1 year, but then again it's mostly not my fault....

Ragrets about picking this car: 0

ALTHOUGH : I do have some niggling concerns that are popping up after 1 year

- the paint, although it looks awesome when washed, is extremely brittle. I've heard 4 or 5 stones hit the bonnet the past year and EVERY SINGLE ONE left a mark thats down to the white primer. I drove the Golf for 5 years and 100k kms and never had this issue
- same goes for the alloys, driving up a kerb gave me a (admittedly, tiny, a couple of mms) mark. Yeah I know big wheels learn how to park etc, but still... shame
- and the most annoying of all : the interior plastics are utter shit. I'm talking mostly about the lower parts of the door binnacle and the center console. It is made of super scratchy plastic, so much that if you graze it with your foot when getting out of the car, it leaves a mark that will not go away. I've learned to live with it now, and stopped caring (also, because lease car, it's someone else's problem in due time), but it's a massive shame and frankly detracts from the perceived quality of the rest of the car.
Don't get me wrong, all the bits you touch (steering wheel, seat leather, buttons, stalks, touchscreen) is nice and soft to the touch, but the other parts seem to be made from the cheapest plastic available, which is frankly not cool on a car that's worth 55 k.
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A new record high (albeit virtual/guesstimate). It does like 25 degrees as ambient temperature, this car

Maybe even the official figure of 528 is doable?
Since it’s hot as balls lately (34 degrees) I decided to test whether the aircon uses a lot of electrons compared to the heater (which I’ve tested before, scroll up to see the results)

Turns out it’s as I expected, aircon/cooling uses MUCH less than heating, it peaked at 2,5 kw with all the cooling things set to max (including seat coolers, since my ass was hot). After 10 minutes the cabine was sufficiently cooled and the consumption stabilized to around 1-1.5 kw.

Also, since it’s hot and I was curious if this affected the dc charge speed, so I tested to see what it would do after standing still gor an hour and at relatively high SOC (70%)

It did not disappoint


Live average speed visual in areas with average speed cameras. Don’t you just love OTA updates?

Not visible on the HUD (yet?) but I’m not complaining
Got the biggest trip (for this car atleast) planned next week : 800 kms. So it'll be 1 or maybe 2 charge sessions.
It's largely across the Dutchlands, so that means 100 kph max, which helps with range.
Also there's tons of fast chargers everywhere so I'm not even going to bother with ABRP or any other form of charge planning.
We'll see how it goes, but I'm not foreseeing any issues (aside from the driver getting tired/needing a break before the car does)
Because of complicated and scheduling reasons this turned out to be not one 800 km trip, but a 1.500 km trip (667 km one day and 856 kms the next)

All went well, first day arrived at the destination, charged up at a charger I was passing (75 kw since I was sharing with another car so :()
Satnav guided me home via Germany, which meant Autobahn, so I could finally test 3 things :
- what is the actual topspeed and how long can you keep it pinned?
- is the range ridiculous at that speed?
- can you use massive speed + an extra stop to spice up boring roadtrips, and if so, do you gain any time
The results are :

- 192 kph, I think it's electronically limited, because it just suddenly stops accelerating.
As for the second question, I kept it flat for minutes on end without noticable warnings or lack of power, so all good there.
Amusing detail : the active cruise works up to 180 kph
- Well, sort of, because of traffic and roadworks stuff I couldn't keep it at topspeed all the time, and regen at 180 kph gives you 120 kw of power back into your battery, but I still managed 32 kwh/100 kms for a 170 km stretch. This meant a total range (at topspeed) of just under 300 kms.
- Nope. Despite having very little traffic and managing to hit an average speed of 155, AND getting a charger that gave me 180 kw for 15 minutes straight, the extra charge stop ruined all the progress I made by going so fast. So driving slowly is more efficient afterall.

2nd day was more of the same, although it was almost entirely spent in the Netherlands, so max 100 kph gave me a good 420 km range.
Did the entire second day with just 1 charge (from 20 to 96% in 35 minutes courtesy of a 200 kw charger).

Also : I never really needed to look for a charger, I just waited until I passed one on the motorway, so no real planning faff involved.

Made it home with 8 kms /2 % left.
I'm kinda bored of driving now....
300 km at top speed vs. 420 km at NL speed is not bad at all. So good in fact that I don't trust your numbers. :D
At 222 basically pinned in the Tesla I drained the battery from 100% to 5% in around 100km :D

The EV6 is very efficient at those speeds... Nice!
300 km at top speed vs. 420 km at NL speed is not bad at all. So good in fact that I don't trust your numbers. :D
Well it is a guesstimate and my speed was fluctuating massively due to traffic, speed restricted zones, roadworks etc
I’d wager it could have gone down to 250 kms total range but then again this car always underestimates its own range.

Stats to the rescue!
I covered 177 kms between charges, and when I charged it took on 45 kwh.
Some math gives me 303 kms total range.
HOWEVER… I started with 96% charge initially and the second charge was stopped at 88% so not entirely identical. Ve vill hav to korrekt zis.

So 302 -8% = 278….so yeah, not far off

Also, I had forgotten just how much and how many flies/mosquito’s/butterflies you can kill with a car going very quickly.
In the ‘fast’ stretch (177 kms) I covered the entire windscreen in bug insides, more than I managed in basically 38k kms of ‘normal’ driving.

I’m sure some German has calculated why this is and the exact speed you need to drive to be just slow enough, and I kinda wanna know now. Or is it just because no speedlimit hence nobody in front of you hence more bugs?

In NL there were stretches of road where I basically followed whoever was in front for 100 kms doing *exactly* 100 kph
Also proof pic : 412 kms done, 8 kms to go
The time is ‘t accurate though, if you use ‘campmode’ (ie you get aircon, stereo and charging your laptop/phone while parked) it keeps counting for some reason.
I’m kinda curious how many kwh that 40 minute break cost me (because toilet, food and checking emails/messages are things that are better done when stopped)


Also also also : because I am an interesting man I am a member of an EV6 forum which features some very strange people. The most popular thread by an overwhelming amount is the ‘Go on then, how far did you go on a single charge’ one.

This is FILLED with people (mainly Dutchies) boasting about doing or even exceeding the maximum stated range (528 kms, which isn’t even remotely possible if you ask me). Some guys get over 600 kms even. I can only conclude that some people have too much free time on their hands, as you need a ridiculously low speed, very high tyre pressure, no aircon etc to be able to do this.

Safe to say that is one record I won’t be going after since a) despite what some might think, I am not a complete lunatic, 2) I don’t have 12 hours to spend driving in circles and if I did I’d rather watch paint dry and III) I just can’t be bothered.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
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Yeah if you trundle along at town speeds you can take anything as far as you like.
Yeah if you trundle along at town speeds you can take anything as far as you like.
Maybe, but why would you? It’s completely irrelevant
Are they that desperate for internet points?
I’ve only used 6,38 kwh for 50 kms so id I extrapolate to 77 kwh I can do 603 kms too 😎


(This is only on 50/70 kph speeds but that doesn’t matter)

You realize it's about electric cars on the internet? :D

Not my pic obviously, but this is the kind of crap I mean

11,8kwh/100 kms = unpossible
532 kms range (520 + the 12 already covered ) = unpossible

And most of all : 0,0 kwh used over 12 kms = unpossible, unless you encounter a very specific set of circumstances. Cookie for anyone who knows the ‘secret’
The code of honour is to never reset anything to skew the stats.