Ownership Verified: NooDle’s EV take 2 : The Mullet (Kia EV6)

in that case, I inadvertently followed the code of honour. I've never reset my consumption o meter.
I like to have an overall overview of how I'm doing, all things combined (ridiculous high speed on ze Autobahn included, but also doing 30 kph or long downhill stretches.

Average is 18,5 kwh/100 kms over 41k kms, which seems fair, given I mostly do highway work...
Yeah, and I keep stats in Teslamate on mine too, for example, this is basically since I got the car, I did not have Teslamate set up for about the first 2000km:

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 13.53.38.png

I do tend to drive quite fast and use a lot of pre-heating/cooling.
No more details than that though, the Kia app gives me just the last month and every drive in absolute detail, which I think would take effort to decrypt/analyze, and I can't be arsed.

Also, I kinda want to buy an OBD port reader à la Teslabjorn so I can nerd out in real time over stats like battery temperature and actual kwhs used and stuff, but then again what do I do with that information? The only time this is really useful is to get to the ideal temperature for a superfast DC charge, and I almost never do that....
And even if it is sub optimal, it goes to 150-180 kw anyway so plenty fast enough for me
- Well, sort of, because of traffic and roadworks stuff I couldn't keep it at topspeed all the time, and regen at 180 kph gives you 120 kw of power back into your battery, but I still managed 32 kwh/100 kms for a 170 km stretch. This meant a total range (at topspeed) of just under 300 kms.
According to Teslabjorn this is incorrect. He got 58 kwh/100 km :blowup:
He drives the GT model with 4wd and a million hp though (which is inherently faster, less efficient, and on bigger tyres).... but still that seems a LOT higher than what I did

Technically my point is moot since my car tops out at 192 while he tested at 200 km/h :dunno:
Well, they’re not lying, technically… if you don’t need them, then they’re basically included for life, right? 🙈

The reduction gear fluid needs to be inspected for possible replacement every 32k miles. :p

All joking aside, if that warranty also covers their BEV batteries, Kia has just prevented any Tuomas Katainen situations.
In Belgium we "only" get a 7 year / 200k kms warranty on the battery/drivetrain.
Which is fine, as I'll swap this one in 4 years and 150k kms anyway....
Good news and 2 minor annoyances.
As I'm a pessimist, the bad news first.

1) I have (after 1,5 years of owning it) only now discovered that my car has a third brake light.
See below.


It was my understanding that the cool rear light strip that runs across the ass of the car worked both as a rearlight and a brake light, but it doesn't, only the corner parts light up + an extra strip just below the roofline. This annoys me.

I cannot see why they would do it like this as it's more complex and IMO uglier, but meh.

2) when you use "camp mode" as I do when I'm sitting in the car usually doing work related things, using electricity to power my laptop and AC to cool me down, the "drive" counter keeps counting. Which is weird, since the car is in a special mode that prohibits driving. It should not count towards my drive time IMO?

3) yay, new record. A lot of highway miles at 100 kph + a balmy 24° means that I nearly topped the battery out completely.
I'm sure by careful driving I could probably do 500 kms on a charge, but where's the fun in that?

Also, no I didn't drive ridiculously slowly, the high "drive time" is down to annoyance #2 (I spent around 2 hrs in Camp mode)
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I cannot see why they would do it like this as it's more complex and IMO uglier, but meh.
I think the answer here might just be: because they were not allowed to :| If not: missed opportunity for sure!
Which is weird, since the car is in a special mode that prohibits driving. It should not count towards my drive time IMO?
maybe it's a remainder from the ICE-times, where you'd expect the engine to be running if you wanted AC. I have no idea what Tesla does in its trip counter time and I'm too lazy to actively try it out :p If I remember, I'll look for it...
Probably market dependent. It lights up in the States but doesn't seem to function as a brake light there either.