Ownership Verified: NooDle’s EV take 2 : The Mullet (Kia EV6)

It depends on your driving habits too. Even with a job which has me driving around, I’ll be home for atleast 12-13 hrs. At my (slow 3,7 kw) home charging speed this means around 48 kwh I can recharge every single night.

Hmmm. Currently charging from 33%, takes around 17 hrs.

Entirely my own fault because I didn’t plug in yesterday but it is mildly annoying that I need to wait until tomorrow afternoon until it’s full. I’ve nowhere to go (and even if I did I would have 300 km range) so it doesn’t matter, but still, meh.

With regards to the light there is a definite crack eight at the top edge, so it’ll need to be fixed. Warranty or not, I don’t really care because lease car

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That photo is really confusing because it's very difficult to judge the size of the 'smaller' car in the photo which is actually enormous. :p
Oh wow, that's huge! (Obligatory TWSS.)

I am quite curious what's that huge EV6 made of, though!

And I don't think I've congratulated you on the purchase! So, congratulations, may it serve you well! Even after all the initial problems. I couldn't help but notice the towing hook in one picture from the previous page, is it there for a reason?
Thanks! Aside from the headlights that fog up it’s actually fine. It had a litte rattle at highway speeds that disappeared after some heavy rainstorms.

Over 2k kms now, did 450 kms yesterday and I could probably have done it without charging( because Netherlands = 100 kph max = low consumption)

Otherwise I guess 400 kms is typical range for purely highway driving, which is fine.

The towbar is there for a reason : my kids race bmx bikes at weekends so instead of stuffing my car full of bikes I just mount them there and then drive all over Belgium every other weekend.

It does look super badass when I open my garage door now though…especially in the rain

In other news, about to complete the first month of ownership and nearing 3k kms.
Had a suuper long drive last week in it (5,5 hrs total with tons of traffic, 440 kms) and played with all the buttons / settings so that everything is set up just the way I like it. The stereo needed some faffing as the standard setup is just rubbish. If you really crank it all the way it goes properly loud too, which is a plus. Never heard of Meridian as a sound system brand but they do know what they're doing.

Electricity consumption is around 18 kwh/100 kms which seems high, but then again I do a lot of highway miles.
It gives me a range when full of 450ish kms, while officially they claim 520 which is for me atleast, impossible. I'm not even going to attempt it

I know there are maniacs who hypermile them, never exceeding 50 kph, all aircon off, and get 600 kms out of them. You do you guy, but I'll drive my car like a car.

Charging wise it's been fine, still on a slow home charger at the moment, but that will change in a couple of weeks.
Fast charged it once purely out of curiosity, and it shot up to 160 kw almost instantly - apparently 240 is possible under ideal circumstances... but anything 100+ is plenty fast for me.
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Yeah, 18 is really good in that segment - Model Y seems to get around that in normal driving … but real world stats coming later this year
Just figured out I actually have stats to back this up


This is lower than what the car is registering though, that’s telling me 18,6 average.

I’m impressed by the regen though. I’ve basically gotten more than 1 full battery back from regen alone (1 full charge = 77 kwh).

Despite highway driving and not doing all that much slowing down…

And to everyone thinking aircon eats up range : it took 3%…. Heating on the other hand…. Well I’ll let you know when it’s colder
Moar numbers ! Because I'm nerdy like that.
One month in (actually *pushes glasses up nose* you'll find that you took delivery on the 4th, making this technically not a full* SHUT UP).

Electricity consumption : 20,98 kwh/100 kms
which seems like a lot, OTOH there were a couple of 200 km trips with nothing but highway, so that adds up I guess?

Average speed : 52 km/hr
This seems low, given the amount of highway I do, but then again since new car there has been a lot of sitting in the car playing with all the buttons, dunno if that adds to your time?

Top speed : 139 kms/hr. Yes, I'm a maniac, I know.

Costs : home charging 90€ (cost 0,24€/kwh) / public charging (including fastcharging) 104€ (average cost 0,46€/kwh) = 194€ total for 603 kwh.
This took me 2877 kms, giving me the above consumption and a cost of .... *drumroll* 0,068€/km

Let's say I drove my wife's car for a month (Hyundai Kona petrol 1.0), with a fuel price of 2€ and a consumption of 7 l/100 km (which seems too fair), that would have yielded 0,14€/km, or slightly more than double. For a much smaller, less comfortable car.

So I guess I'm doing well on the cost front?

Interestingly, the car itself has different stats?


The app tells me 468 kwh used, giving me a completely unrealistic 16,29 kwh/100 kms on average?
It also tells me that I've recuperated 110 kwhs, so maybe I need to add those in? If I take these into account I arrive at a more realistic 20,13 kwh/100 km. As technically I 'used' that energy, but I also 'made' it myself?
Narf? you're good with numbers and things, opinions on the above?

Next up : getting a better home charger installed. No more "17 hrs until fully charged" nonsense.
Well if you have generated electricity yourself, it doesn’t count towards your grid electricity consumed - it’s part of normal driving.
well, yes, obviously. But I have since then 'consumed' this electricity again. So I'm not quite following the logic here? I put this electricity in first, then used it up by driving, then "made" some more by braking.

Sounds like a narf thing to come and explain?
Dealer experience so far is very poor.... :roll:

So after finding the cracked headlight and going to the dealer to verify it, they asked me to come back to fix this.
As there was a little rattle I couldn't quite figure out, I asked them to look at this too.
Took the car in, got a replacement car (New Sportage PHEV, quite nice actually), and 9 hrs later, I went back.
None of the things were fixed.

Headlight wasn't fixed because they found it to be impact related (a stone or whatever must have hit it, hadn't noticed or heard anything), and therefore not under warranty.... So they didn't fix it because lease car... (they need approval, which means I have to fill out a form/make an official claim, etc)

The rattle also wasn't fixed, because they couldn't find it. Apparently they took apart my entire door assembly, removed the window glass and tightened everything to no avail. They're asking a specialist to come over to look at it. Worst case scenario : they don't find it and they'll give me an entirely new door.....

TL,DR : I left my car at the dealer's for 10 hours to fix 2 minor things, none were actually fixed.
I thought this was only supposed to happen with a Tesla?

I guess it’s valid for modern electric cars from non standard manufacturers?

Otoh it could just be bad luck, it’s a rock that caught my headlight.
Got permission to get it properly fixed now though so we’ll how it goes

They gave me a brand new Sportage to tool around which was actually OK. Interior/dashboard is identical to the EV6.




Small on the inside and noisy/jerky engine though, but maybe I am spoiled with the ev6?
And now for something completely different : charging losses! Get out your calculators everyone (except narf, who has one built in).
I've done a couple of deep discharges now (nothing extreme, down to around 15% - 60ish kms on the GOM), and noticed some stuff.

- from 16% to 100% on a 3 phase public charger : 72,45 kWh in 7h 36 min
So average speed of 9,5 kW (which makes sense, around 11 for the most of it, and slower towards the end).
But! 72,45 kwh = 93% of battery charge added, while it was only 84% depleted, so therefore 11% loss (?)

- from 15% to 100% on a 1 phase 16a home charger : 74,20 kwh in 20 hrs 37 minutes
So average speed of 3,6 kW (which also makes sense, the maximum it can draw is 3,7 ish)
But the same power loss despite lower power output? 74,20 kwh = 96% of battery but only 85% depleted, so again 11% loss?

I'm just calculating this for my own nerdy amusement (and also, if/when the boss complains that I'm trying to rip them off, by expensing electricity costs that are larger than what my battery can take)... Technically this means a charge from completely dead would need 111% of battery, needing 85,91 kWh, right?

Also : no "your battery is dead you will die if you don't charge up immediately" warnings as of yet, maybe they only happen on around 10% or lower. I have gotten a "your 12v battery is low" warning through the app though, which is useful. I haven't used a trickle charger or anything, just driven it, and the warning has gone away, so that confirms that when driving the 12v gets charged up by the "big" battery.Dunno why it can't do it when parked, but whatever?

I see I'm still listed as unverified, which will not stand. What would you guys like as proof picture?
Car is absolutely filthy though, having done 500 + kms (mainly highway) over the weekend...
I see I'm still listed as unverified, which will not stand. What would you guys like as proof picture?
Car is absolutely filthy though, having done 500 + kms (mainly highway) over the weekend...

Piece of paper with your handle and car model or something funny inside the car ;)
Still no proof pic yet because I’m a lazy arse. But I do have a new home charger installed!


Which gives me a maximum of 7,4 kw instead of 3,6. Which cuts charging time in half. Which is nice