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Nooo! Biaggi's not racing anymore!

I heard some rumours about a month ago that he's moving to superbikes, and that article doesn't mention anything about him quitting racing except in motogp, right?
So he FINALLY got tired of losing to Rossi... :lol:
[sarcasm mode]

Oh dear, no Biaggi, what a loss to MotoGP. Boo. Hoo.

[/sarcasm mode]
That's right, who's going to come 5th now?
:bangin: keep in mind Biaggi only started RIDING at the age of 20(?) which is completely unheard of and speaks of his huge amount of natural talent held back by emotional problems and too much time riding 250s(FOUR times 250GP champion)

I have a huge amount of respect for the guy, not easy to stand up to the entire world's media that villifies you at every encounter with Rossi, and ignores you when you prove them wrong with a good result.

Anyway can't wait till his book comes out, should be really really interesting as opposed to the fanboy love-festering crap in the two Rossi books.
I have a HUGE respect for Biaggi also, he?s one of the greastest riders ever, but he?s not as good as Rossi AND he?s a pain in the ass some times, so it?s not hard to prefer Rossi.