Nothing like a good ol' battle of German heavyweights!


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Jul 12, 2004
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Yeah I'm talking about Mercedes - BMW - Audi :D Click the image for the battle!

The comparo itself wasn't that good but more importantly, state which ones you'd have in order of preference and why.

Apart from the fact that I'm an AMG enthusiast, I'd take the E63 because it offers the best compromise between a firm sports setup and settled down luxo-cruiser.

Then I'd take the Audi for its stealth like styling - the punk in his WRX would never know you could blow him off the line in that.

The M5 in last because its styling shouts at you unlike the understated yet equally mean Audi and Merc. Also - not as easy to live with for the majority of the year you spend on in the city. Still a weapon though...
What is with German's and Engine bays? They make some of the best interiors in the world, then u look in the engine bay and it's just a bunch of ... what the french would call a certain "I don't know what"

edit: Not that the American's are any better these days :thumbsdown:

My vote is for the Benz, I like small v8's that can rev.
M5 for me.

As long as the bumps on the road don't breeak your neck it's fine.
It might be a little uncomfortable when you are tired and just want to go home, but when you are up to a little fun I have no doubt that the M5 is the most rewarding.
You might disaggre, and that's fine by me, but a like the styling of the M5 best by far. It's aggresiv and dynamic to look at. The two others are a bit borring.
They complain alot about the SMG, but as Tiff showed on his way to France, you can work around the jerkey shift with a little lift on the throttle so I don't se the big problem there.
And then theres the M-V10 and the sound it makes :bow:
I must admit I haven't heard the two others, but I like high revvin' engines, so I think I would like the M-V10 best.
Have had the pleasure of being driven very rapidly in a M5 once, so I know I can't possibly go wrong with it when it comes to performance.
M5 for me.
The M5's suspension can be adjusted via driver's controls, so it can be soften for the bumpy roads
I would have to agree, I would take the M5. I'm not to wild about the new styling but from everything I have read it's still the daddy of them all.
I'd take the S6... or M5? If it wouldn't be that expensive I'd say M6 but now i'm more going towards the S6. It is so discreet, very cool, extremely fast and has the best interior by far. The E63 is still a normal E-Class, which is a nice looking car but a bit bland.
I'd take the Audi. I don't like the M5's looks, and the bug-eyed front of the E class still doesn't float my boat.
S6. In black.

Just seems so much more sinister than the AMG or M5, looks nicer too tbh.
Re: Nothing like a good ol' battle of German heavyweights!

SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!! said:
Apart from the fact that I'm an AMG enthusiast, I'd take the E63 because it offers the best compromise between a firm sports setup and settled down luxo-cruiser.
Gee that's a surprise :p

Automobile Magazine said:
The fact that the M5 has fallen so far so fast tells you three things: That this is an extremely fast-moving business. That even a well-founded status quo can be eroded by clever evolution. And that the big-engine-in-a-mid-size-car game is more competitive than ever.

M5? Too crude? Blasphemy! That said, it's a shame that they feel this way about the original super sedan, and a shame to see it fall behind. :cry: Though competition is compelling, and I can't wait to see a rematch with an M5 with a 6-speed stick. :thumbsup:

For me? I'd take the S6: all-season Quattro and an Italian/German V10 is tough to beat. Plus, it looks great (if a bit fat) and also happens to be the cheapest, which I don't care at all about when I'm fantasizing.
E63 for me. Comfort and great power. BMW kinda made the M5 a little too track orientated for my liking, they should have saved it for the M6 and M3.

RS6 should give the merc and BMW a utter thrashing when it comes out with its 550+ HP.
What made my Cressida great as Toyota's sports sedan was balance. Thats where I would have to choose the E63 purely on that fact. Fast enough yet able to give you time to relax. The RS6 would be the one I would buy if I was going for looks. I wouldn't choose the M5 only for the fact that if I wanted to buy a sedan I want a sense of comfort, if I wanted fun I would be looking at a 2-door. The new looks are just an added bonus for me not really liking it since it seems like a mean car.
S6 in white. It's just like clarkson said, white's making a comeback.
I'm biased though, that was what my dad ordered for my mom's car.
Mmmm.. S6 avant in matte black, and gunmetal coloured rims.. no badges, sports suspension pack of course, no rails on the roof either, and sportier exhausts.. = Hitler's revenge v1.5! :twisted:
The Audi in black, followed by the merc in black followed by the M5.

4WD > bland > shouty