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November 24th, 2003


Chicken Nugget Connoisseur
Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
2008 Dodge Viper, 2006 MB CLS55 AMG
Torrented and released! :)
average speed 500 kb.s, should be finished wihin 20 min.s if it stays like this .. :) (Shareaza)

wow that chick cant drive for shit. she turned the same time in the radical that tiff turned in the Z4. I have a feeling the radical would have owned ariel hard had a competient driver been behind the wheel.
I love the F1 style intake on the Atom and Vicky said herself that if the Radical's brakes were warming, it would've been a lot faster.

VBH has competed at the 2004 British Grand Prix meeting at Silverstone and won the Maserati Trofeo race there. She also raced in other events such as the Porsche Cup, Radicals, the Speyside Stages Rally, and a 24 hour 2CV race among others. She also holds a Race National A licence, so I wouldn't doubt her driving abilities.
I can't find the torrent for this episode. Can anyone help me?
If it doesn't come up on a search of Mininova, then its not torrented. Viper is currently up to torrenting eps from May 2003 so hopefully he'll have November done soon. If you can't wait, you can grab it off one of the FTPs in the Video Offers section of the forum. Use the Active FTPs Sticky at the top of that section.