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November Exercise 1


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Jul 20, 2005
I'm sick of coupes and sport sedans!

Chevy Colorado Extended Cab withOUT the works (because that's your job! :mrgreen: )


full 1600 version

Good luck all!

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Stickied It....
Looks like someone photoshopped the front of it... Badly.. :yucky:
The image was taken from a Chevy PR site, I don't think its a chop, it looks authentic to me,

if everyone is okay with this image, mods please sticky!
well as they say

have car, will chop!
Thank you. :). Much more freedom with this one :D.
So far this has been a really fun learning lesson. I really got some things down, its very rough on the edges, but I love it!
How's is everyone's chop going? Sent mine in a few days ago. I always hesitate doing that because I worry about looking at it again later and then wanting to change it, but I do it anyway because otherwise I waste too much time staring at it :oops:
you can participate in as many or as few exercises as you wish (though we encourage you to enter them all). There are 2 a month, and I believe all the points are added after 3 months to announce an overall winner, someone correct me if I am wrong here.
Still haven't started but I do have today off, so I might get something done.