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November thunderstorm


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Feb 26, 2005
When I got my tripod late in the season, I was afraid I'd have to wait until spring to get any t-storm shots. Nature suprised me last night with this storm:

Rolling in at around sunset-



Wish I hadn't been under the porch for this one-


It was shortly after this one that the skies opened up and I ran for cover :)

All images taken with the Kodak DX7590 5.0mp camera, mounted on a Slik tripod. Most were taken on a 16 second exposure, which is why the last two are a bit overexposed.

You can see all the full pictures, plus a few lesser shots here- http://www.king-nerd.com/dood/image...ist=Photography/Weather/November thunderstorm
Holy crap :shock: . I would have been scared :eek:

only little kids are scared of some thunder :p

cool shots, i've never managed to get a lightning on film, i'm always late
and you have lightning BEFORE the rain? :shock: never had that, it's always raining first
^ :p

Well at us, first lightning, than rain.
bone- while little kids are scared of thunder, you have to respect what makes the thunder. This storm was closing in fast, and I had to make a choice on when I didn't want to be standing out in the open anymore...

As for actually getting the lightning on "film", these were done with 16 second shutters, so I had a window of 16secs to get some form of lightning. The one with two bolts coming down (with the porch roof in the shot) was actually two separate hits, one at the begginning of the exposure, and one towards the end. The last two images up there were actually overexposed, because they came at the beginning of a 16 second exposure, and were just too much light for the shot. It does make a nice effect, though.

And, on the point of lightning, then rain, this was an approaching thunderstorm. I saw it coming from a long ways away, which is how I got these shots. I don't actually have a far field of vision from the back of my house, just that the clouds were way high up in the air. Thunderstorms often move in like that, like a wall. This gives the best opportunity for lightning shots, as you don't have to worry about getting wet.

When the rain did come, it was like someone flipped a switch, it just started pouring immediately. Luckily I was on the porch, and ran into the house wihtout getting too wet.
I submitted all of the good shots to my kind of local news station, and they showed the two big strikes on the 6pm news
we had a storm last night, lightning struck so close to the house, it set the car alarm off (its on basement L1 in a sealed garage).

you know when you count to see how far away it was, well, it must have hit next door,

very loud (no pics it was 5am) :p
I love thunderstorms. Those are great pics!