Someone Else's Problem: Now actually mine: 2011 Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro


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Oct 7, 2007
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Well, that's over with - out with the Merc, in with the Audi. A couple weeks ago I found out that I was in a rather interesting situation with my previous car, the Mercedes C200 estate. It boiled down to the following points:

- The financing on the car was due to run out later this year. Given a few minor issues with it, the dealership would've probably deducted from the agreed buyback price, putting me at a loss.
- The car was due a new set of summer tires and a service between now and financing end, putting me at even more of a loss.
- The actual current residual value of the car was significantly higher than the buyback + outstanding bank payments, allowing me to sell the car and pay back the credit while keeping a positive difference.
- Mom stated more than a few times that while she loves the A5 (which was hers), it's kinda useless for short range city drives, which is 99% of her driving, and she wants a smaller car.

The agreed-upon and executed solution was: sell the Mercedes, repay the credit, buy mom a new smaller car, and give the A5 to me until the pre-ordered Tesla comes along in a year or two. That will coincide nicely with the financing on the Audi running out, so we'll have some options on what to do then - return it at buyback price, do the same thing as with the Merc (buy out and sell with a possible positive difference), or possibly keep it (my brother will need a set of wheels at around that time).

So, with all that sorted, the A5 is now properly mine, and deserves a post here :) People who have been to the Ringmeets over the last years have probably seen it in person already. Nothing has really changed, except it has some new tires (both summer and winter) and a fresh service, and is ready for me to drive around over the next couple years.

Short summary for the people who don't know the car yet:

  • Early 2011 (pre-facelift) Audi A5 3.0 TDI quattro S-Tronic
  • 240 hp, 500 Nm
  • 5,9 s 0-100km/h, 250 km/h top
  • Nearly all options, except sport suspension and reversing camera
  • Currently at about 65k km
  • Heavy and thirsty, but quite fast until 200-ish (lacks power at top end to properly pull beyond that) and rather agile thanks to quattro and 235-width summer tires.
Some pics I've done of it a while back:

2012-04-15 18.47.13.jpg 2012-04-15 18.47.25.jpg 2012-04-15 18.47.36.jpg 2012-04-15 18.48.08.jpg 2012-04-15 18.48.17.jpg 2012-04-15 18.48.43.jpg 2012-04-15 19.08.37.jpg

Proof picture coming later, to abide by the rules.
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That is one great car, I've seen it enough at various ringmeets.

quite fast until 200-ish (lacks power at top end to properly pull beyond that).

Yeah, diesels tend to have that, My 330d was a rocketship until you hit 200-210, then it fell flat on its face and needed waaaaay too much time to get beyond 230.
Nice one. And when you come to sell I think I know a certain Slovenian who might be willing to enter into negotiations....

Plus as soon as the finance is paid off you can get it remapped and sort those other issues out. As an example a Stage 1 remap from Celtic Tuning here in Ukania would add 59bhp, 66 lb/ft of tork-weh and cost around ?250. :mrgreen:
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These are beautiful cars. IMO, one of the classiest designs in the last 40 years. I have driven the V8 powered S5 on two separate occasions and the first word that comes to mind is "sublime."

Probably the best looking Audi in the last 20 years. Congrats!
Indeed, quite a looker and quite an upgrade.

(that's a fantastic car you've got. Would drive and hoon the crap out of it)
Probably the best looking Audi in the last 20 years. Congrats!

Certainly one of the best looking cars ever, and something Audi themselves couldn't better with the current A5.

So congrats!