Nurburgring Webcam

It would be more interesting when it would update more than only once a minute.
Yeah i found this a couple days ago and it's cool seeing some of the cars that go through.
Whoa, now there's a black M6! Man, this is going to keep me entertained for the next 10 years.
I saw that too, looks like a GT2 with a bumblebee paintjob.
It's kind of funny when you see a car on the straight at an angle, and you think; is he going sideways? So you sit refreshing to see if a big hole in the fence appears in the next shot :p
hmmm... appears you can't post links to pics - prolly have to use ss if you wanna post.

I think I'm gonna make my desktop into 9 webcams :D - that would rule :D
You can actually save pictures...these are what I saw last night (was 10:00 AM there)


Notice the Wiesmann Roadster :D