Nurburgring Webcam

I heard about that via public first... he thought the "being too fast" bit was a mistranslation by Finnish media. Turns out it's been said in the police press release even though there is no speed limit there. But, to the police if you divert from the road you are always "too fast". :(

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the two people injured.
From today: some 7 derivate without windscreen


Thank you for existing, 1980s.

EDIT: I accidentally the thread. But seeing this go round the ring would be fun, right? right? Did I fix my mistake? Yeah? Good.
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Wrong thread? But I do really want that
What the hell is that green thing in the left lane?

looks like one of those beetle based buggies
This I recognize - a late '60s Mustang...

Would be interesting to find out if its a recently inported 69 Mustang or an original 69 Ford T5.
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I've seen coaches on the 'ring, but the two buses in front are urban buses... :blink:
There used to be an archive that went years back on, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

What the hell is going on there? :think: According to the official timetable a "Caterham Drift Experience" begins in 40 minutes, but those are clearly not Caterhams...
Apparently the first light dusting of snow came to the Eifel mountains...