Nurburgring Webcam

It should do a sub 7:30 lap. The SR8 did 6:55 with similar HP and weight, but it did have aerodynamics on its side.


that a 993 turbo?
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These two couldn't be further apart, TVR and Alfa Romeo GT:

A pack of VW Polos GTI:
^ Shame on you not to mention the best of the bunch - that great Opel :)
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Still the same cars after all this time. Interesting bunch.
is it wierd that i was looking at that, and i got a chill up my spine like i was cold?

its like 25 degrees celvius here..
We already had 15 degrees last week and everybody looking forward to a mild spring, a couple of people switched their winter tires (which they didn't need at all this year) only to be confronted with snow and temperatures that hardly get over 5 degrees now. one of my car forums some people were like

"Oh my god I can?t take the look of my winter tyres I ruin them when it?s 10? I change!"

I was like: "Don?t, we will have some ice and snow again"

Everybody laughed.

Guess who is laughing now ^^

I?m throwing this in:

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Nothing special, but I sure would've liked to be there on such a sunny and warm April day like today.

^What's more incredible is that a Lupo owner thinks his/her car will survive a lap!!