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NY/Tokyo/London Subway Maps


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Oct 4, 2004
I'm so glad that I don't live in one of these cities. :lol:








I know there are a few guys here from NY, how much time would it take to cross the city via public transport?

NY 1966


NY 1972

NY subway/train is acutally pretty easy to navigate. Just take a train till you get where you want to go. :lol:
hehehe, the NY Subway. I remember a friend posting the map on his blog and my jaw dropped at how complicated it looked!

Melbourne, how I love thine easiness. Mind you, it is helped by a good (ish) tram system the closer you egt to the CBD.

London's not too bad. I think Paris's is worse.

Jeez, pdanev, you're on a posting rampage tonight! :p
bah...the NYC subway system isnt hard...its acctualy very simple. its just the fact that there are so many trians that makes it seem complicated. in the end, if you know what trains to take, its very convienient and a lot faster then the bus.
Man that's alot of lines.. :shock:

Renesis said:
holy crap...

terrorist attack anyone?
I think there was this one called...London?
I've been to Tokyo many times in the past.
Don't be fooled by that subway map!
There's also a full train system above the ground too!
I live in NYC and the subway is not as complicated as one thinks it is, but then again I have been taking the subway since I was the age of 3. Right now, I go to school on the "4" train near Bedford Park Boulevard and I live on the "N" Kings Highway. I literally travel across New York City to get to school.

Two hour train ride FTW
Actually the Tokyo subway station isn't that hard to use, but knowing some Japanese is an asset because some of the info are only in Japanese
i used to live outside of NYC for 8 years...their subway system although looks confusing, is really easy to navigate...

in 3 months i'll tell you my experiences with the tokyo subway system...
The London Underground is an excellent system - when I visited I was a bit daunted by the map, but it really is an easy system to navigate, and takes you everywhere.
Re: NY/Tokyo/London Subway Maps

pdanev said:
I'm so glad that I don't live in one of these cities. :lol:

I'd be very happy if I had access to such great public transportation systems.. The Amsterdam bus system is just plain weird and they seem to keep their own prefered time schedules.. no point in checking what time it will arrive, you'll miss it.
Ah, not that Amsterdam is that big anyways, a bicycle or scooter is still the best way to get around.
MXM said:
Helsinki subway, anyone?


How do you know which train to take when you reach Itakeskus? There's two of them? It's so confusing! :eek: :lol:

I like BART, partly because it covers multiple cities without being overly complicated and also because you can bring your bike on it! :thumbsup:


See? Simple. :)

EDIT: For those of you wondering about Khobar's mass transit systems, you basically have two choices:




fbc said:
The London Underground is an excellent system - when I visited I was a bit daunted by the map, but it really is an easy system to navigate, and takes you everywhere.
My opinion!
The trains aren't the problem. When I'm in another city I find it difficult to find the right busses or to buy the right ticket. Often I find me standing infront of the ticket machine wondering what buttton to press and which ticket to buy.

I've been to Paris and London and the systems are rather easy to use. It's not like it takes a masters degree to use them. If you have to switch trains the other lines will be indicated. Well, I guess it depends on how you get around at home. If you never take trains or aren't living in a city with a subway you might have problems finding your way.

The Tokio plan looks a bit strange though. I bet I would have problems finding my destination there.

And finally here's a plan of Hamburgs subway system. Note that our lines are called U,S and A. :lol: