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Cardinal George Pell
He was the former financial controller of the Vatican, and the most senior Catholic in the world to have been found guilty of child sexual abuse before he was freed from prison in April 2020, and had his convictions quashed after a two-year legal battle.

He will have a spot in hell right next to the former pope.
He covered up even more abuse, he bullied victims into staying quiet.... he was a special type of scumbag, and I hope it's nice and warm in hell right now.
There’s a certain song by the Bloodhound Gang that comes to mind every time one of those child rapists snuffs it. 🔥

Just saw that Pratchett passed away, I'm gutted.

Sorry for the OT, but no idea where else to put this…

Just finished the frankly excellent biography by his assistant of 20 years. The last few chapters are both painful and extremely moving. I’ve just been sitting here staring into the garden for the last half hour or so…

edit: nearly 8 years already. Bloody hell. I’m getting old.
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