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Sixto Rodriguez.

The subject of the super interesting "Searching for Sugar Man".

An interesting 60 minutes 2012 interview, from the year the documentary came out:

I worked at a record store in the early 2000s, and there was a David Holmes compilation called "David Holmes Introducing The Free Association – Come Get It I Got It" released in 2002 with the song on it. We played it all the time in the store, and something about "Sugarman" just clicked with me, and made it on almost every mix CD I'd make for people. I had no idea about his history until, like, 2 years ago.

An amusing joke i read earlier: "He died at 99, meaning he got as close as possible to 100 without going over."
American performer Jimmy Buffett died

Sorry what? When did these people get old enough to die? /s
He can now get that cheeseburger in paradise.
With a brief stop in Margaritaville
It's my earnest belief that no place with readily available Heinz 57 can be paradise :p

You mean Hela Gewürze ketchup?