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October 11th, 2004


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Sep 21, 2003
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:shock: i honestly thought today was sunday! lol
:tiffrocks: :thanksvuk:

I just felt like usig those :lol:

Anyway, so glad the shows are starting back up again :)
I think Tiff should get his ass of 5th gear and go do some Stig work. Allthough that would make 5th gear less fun, it would make Top Gear a pinch better.

To bad we dont get 5th gear in Norway. All we get are half hour top gears. :(
But then Viper and VUK came along and made my life better. :mrgreen:
Vuk is uploading. ETA 2 hours for that to be done, an hour if not less for me to download.
Very nice, you guys are speedy

yes the effort is appreciated. usually it was next day or middle of the week but it looks now as we'll have it later tonight. :)
Someone must have been looking forward to using his new capture box :lol: .
Someone must have been looking forward to using his new capture box :lol: .
Woohoo! :shock:

I was so busy I forgot that the new Fifth Gear season is starting today, now that's what I call a pleasant surprise! :D

Downloading it now. :D

5th Gear 2004 series six -1 (Oct 11, 2004) :wink:
Can't wait to watch it. My weeks sucks royally and its just Monday so this could help things out a bit.
sounds good but can't wait for the new season of TopGear.... fifth gear is usually not as interesting :p
Torrent released. :)
good work, you and VUK! :)

keep it up, its great to get these the same day it aired. :wink:
shit I didnt even know it had restarted..

expect to see me more often here bitches! I'm back into the action! :twisted:

oh and... thanks VUK! :D