Off Road Downunder


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Aug 1, 2006
All 4 Adventure build of a chopped and extender LandCruiser

Exploring Arnhem Land (Northern Territory, Australia)
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Giralia Station
New eight part adventure from Ronny and crew:

Oh man, how'd I miss this thread! Can't wait to get into these.
He's also going to be starting a Prado build for his cameraman. That should be an interesting one to watch.
Andrew St Pierre White and Paul Marsh take on the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia

Defender 100 - modified mashup
The 100” ultimate Defender, or just get a Disco that’s chopped down and already has a 100” wheelbase. It’ll be more comfortable to ride in, is cheaper, is less likely to be stolen and won’t have chassis rot issues.

Maybe I’m biased. I’d still get a 100” Defender if I had the cash laying around.
Ashburton Off-road Adventure 2021, parts 9 and 10

Billycart v Shopping Trolley
Crossing Australia
HiLux v Landcruiser
Ford Everest BaseCamp was advertised with a roof rack carrying a huge load while off road. Now Ford are offering $2,000 (incl GST) as compensation and an NDA.